The Vaccinated Scout Law

Bet you didn’t know the Scout Law is really about the importance of getting your kids vaccinated.

OK, that’s not true.

But that didn’t stop our friends at the San Rafael, Calif.-based Marin Council from creating the tongue-in-cheek Vaccinated Scout Law.

It’s a fun take on the vaccination discussion that’s been going on nationwide — and here on Bryan on Scouting where I discussed which immunizations are required by the BSA.

The Vaccinated Scout Law is the Scout Law you know and love, but Marin Council has related each of the original 12 points to the subject of vaccinations.

Example: For Obedient, Marin Council has added, “He listens and follows the directions of his doctor and public health officials so gets vaccinated.”

Here goes …

The Vaccinated Scout Law

When it comes to vaccinations,

A Scout is …

Trustworthy: He can be counted on to do the right thing when it comes to public health and gets vaccinated.

Loyal: He looks out for others and wards off threats to his community by being vaccinated.

Helpful: He can be part of eradicating disease and protecting others simply by getting vaccinated.

Friendly: He is a friend to all and doesn’t want anybody to suffer so makes sure he gets vaccinated.

Courteous: He knows a simple act can make someone else’s life better so he gets vaccinated.

Kind: He won’t needlessly hurt anyone and to make sure he doesn’t, he gets vaccinated.

Obedient: He listens and follows the directions of his doctor and public health officials so gets vaccinated.

Cheerful: He knows that a couple of shots will only hurt for a bit so he smiles when he gets vaccinated.

Thrifty: He recognizes prevention costs far less than treatment so saves money by getting vaccinated.

Brave: He faces his fear of getting shots because he knows it is the right thing to do to get vaccinated.

Clean: He wants to be healthy and keep others healthy so he makes sure he gets vaccinated.

Reverent: He respects religious beliefs, but knows that unless his faith forbids it, he gets vaccinated.

Important read

Which immunizations the BSA requires and which it recommends

Hat tip: Thanks to David Berry, the volunteer who serves as chairman of the BSA’s medical team, and the BSA’s Richard Bourlon, for sharing this with me.

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