2014 Eagle Scout Yearbook will celebrate the newest Eagle class

My first thought when I picked up the Eagle Scout Yearbook was, “Wow, this thing is heavy.”

The National Eagle Scout Association (NESA) let me borrow a copy of the 2013 Eagle Scout Yearbook, a slick-looking volume that checks in at more than 900 pages.

But, as they say, it’s what’s inside that counts. When I stopped to think about the contents of this tome — names, photos and descriptions of the 56,841 young men who became Eagle Scouts in 2013 — its weight made sense.

Heavy is a good thing. Heavy means the Boy Scouts of America is producing a ton of outstanding young men equipped to be great husbands, fathers, businessmen and leaders. The heavier the yearbook is each year, the better.

The 2014 Eagle Scout Yearbook, which will showcase the 51,820-member 2014 Eagle Scout class, promises to be another great volume. If you or someone you know is a member of the 2014 Eagle Scout class, I’ve got the details you need. 

Like any school or university yearbook, the 2014 Eagle Scout Yearbook will feature names and pictures of members of the 2014 class.

But like any class yearbook, it’s only as good as the information provided.

How do I make sure my 2014 Eagle Scout is included?

Eagle-Scout-Yearbook-2013-inside2014 Eagle Scouts will receive a postcard, email and/or phone call from PCI, the company producing the yearbook for NESA.

Eagle Scouts will be asked to submit a photo and answer questions like, “Whom do you most admire?” “What was your toughest merit badge?” “What does the Scout Law mean to you?” They’ll also describe their Eagle project.

The yearbook will be available for purchase when providing this information.

Eagle Scouts who do participate will get a listing like the one seen in the picture above (click to enlarge).

Eagle Scouts who do not participate will have only their first name and last initial and troop number included.

Why does the yearbook exist?

Why an Eagle Scout Yearbook? It’s all about fellowship and scholarship.

“We want to grow our NESA scholarship endowment as well as produce something that captures the significant moment in time when a young man earns the Eagle Scout rank,” says NESA associate director Ryan Larson. “We believe he will refer to the piece over time and reflect positively on his time in Scouting.”

Proceeds from the yearbook help fund the NESA scholarship endowment. Over the past seven years, the NESA scholarship fund has increased from 75 scholarships valued at $250,000 to more than 250 scholarships valued at $650,000 through projects like the Eagle Scout Yearbook.

What else is in the yearbook?

The majority of the yearbook is taken up by the names and photos of Eagle Scouts.

But the prefix includes some must-read content, including the history of the Eagle Scout award and names of notable Eagle Scouts from each decade.

When will the yearbook ship?

Look for the 2014 yearbook to ship in mid-December 2015.

What do Eagle Scouts get for participating?

NESA-Patch-2014I almost forgot one of the best parts. Eagle Scouts who submit a photo for the yearbook get a patch like the one seen here.

You don’t have to buy a yearbook to get your name and photo in the yearbook or get a patch.

But I’d advise against missing out on this great opportunity.

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