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Safe Swim for Cub Scouts

Swimming is a summer highlight for many kids. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll talk to an expert about the Safe Swim Defense program and how it can help your Cub Scouts have a safe and fun experience in the water. (Jun. 19, 2023)

#CubChatLive Archives

6/9/2023Safe Swim for Cub Scouts
Swimming is a summer highlight for many kids. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll talk to an expert about the Safe Swim Defense program and how it can help your Cub Scouts have a safe and fun experience in the water.
5/19/2023Safety Afloat: Keeping Cub Scouts Safe on the Water
Celebrate “National Wear Your Life Jacket at Work Day” by joining #CubChatLive for a fun and informative chat about safety on the water. We’ll dive into your questions and yes, we’ll be wearing our life jackets!
5/12/2023Why Do Cub Scouts Wear Uniforms?
Why do Cub Scouts wear uniforms? In this #CubChatLive, we’ll discuss uniform facts and fictions, along with ways to encourage its use in your den and pack.
4/28/2023#CubChatLive talks Arbor Day and conservation
Happy Arbor Day! On this #CubChatLive, we’ll discuss some conservation-themed activities available to Cub Scout families.
4/21/2023Learn about the “Protect Yourself Rules” preview adventure for Cub Scouts
For Child Abuse Prevention Month, #CubChatLive is joined by a child safety expert to discuss the “Protect Yourself Rules” preview adventure and the role that Cub Scout leaders and families can play in preventing abuse.
4/14/2023Where to Find Helpful Cub Scout Resources
Many resources are available to make a den leader’s job easier and more fun. In today’s #CubChatLive, we’ll share some of these tools and discuss how they can help you become a more effective Cub Scout leader.
3/31/2023Ideas for fun pack summertime programs
Make the most of your Cub Scout summer! In this #CubChatLive, we’ll talk to a volunteer with fun ideas for pack summertime programs.
3/24/2023What is an incident report and why is it important?
What is an incident report and why is it important? In this #CubChatLive, we’ll discuss this vital tool and how to use it.
3/17/2023Springtime recruiting for Cub Scout packs
Spring is the perfect time to welcome new Cub Scouts to your pack! Join us for #CubChatLive, where we’ll be speaking with an experienced volunteer who will share her expert tips to help make your springtime recruiting a success.
3/10/2023Parent tips for moving from Webelos to Scouts BSA
The Webelos-to-Scouts-BSA transition can be an adjustment not only for kids, but for their parents, too. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll get ideas from an experienced volunteer on ways parents can best handle this big step in the Scouting journey.
3/3/2023How Den Leaders Can Help Webelos Make a Smooth Transition to Scouts BSA
Moving from Webelos to Scouts BSA is a big step in a Scout’s journey. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll talk to an experienced volunteer to get her ideas and practical tips to make the transition smoother for both kids and their parents.
2/24/2023How to Hold an Effective Pack Planning Conference
Holding a pack planning conference is one of the keys to an awesome Cub Scout program. Join us for this #CubChatLive, where we’ll talk to an experienced volunteer about easy and effective ways to make your planning conference a success.
2/17/2023How To Use Guest Speakers and Community Resources To Add Extra Fun to Your Pack Activities
Add extra fun to your pack activities with guest speakers and community resources. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll share ideas for finding and bringing in the right “outside talent” to help inspire and engage your Cub Scouts.
2/10/2023What are your den meeting hacks?
What are your den meeting hacks? In this #CubChatLive, we’ll share ideas for getting people to show up on time, keeping Cub Scouts on task, engaging parents at meetings and more.
2/3/2023Can new Cub Scouts join a den halfway through the year?
Can new Cub Scouts join a den halfway through the year? Yes!!! During this #CubChatLive, we will discuss the best ways to make new families feel welcome and included in the pack, even if they join mid-year.
1/27/2023Leaders Learning Journey — Beyond “Trained Leaders”
A great Cub Scout leader never stops learning. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll discuss all the advantages of going beyond just the basics.
1/20/2023How to tap into local council resources
Your local council can be one of your pack’s greatest resources! With 272 BSA councils across the country, yours can help with questions about the Cub Scout program, activities, fundraising and more! Learn about the resources available at your local council in this #CubChatLive.
1/13/2023Tips and Ideas for Springtime Fundraising
Need ideas for spring fundraising? In this #CubChatLive, we’ll share tips that your pack can use to raise money for an amazing year-round program.
1/6/2023JTE 2023: Planning a Quality Year!
What’s JTE and how can it help my pack? In this #CubChatLive, we’ll share simple tips for using the Journey to Excellence program to plan a quality year.
12/16/2022How to Plan a Cub Scout Service Project
Cub Scout service projects can be both meaningful and fun. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll look at five simple steps for planning an awesome pack service project.
12/9/2022Fun and Creative Blue and Gold Ideas
It’s almost blue and gold season! In today’s #CubChatLive, we’ll share some fun and creative themes to help celebrate Scouting’s birthday. Join us and share your ideas in the comments!
12/2/2022Keeping it SAFE in Cub Scouting
Staying SAFE in Scouting. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll share an easy checklist you can use to make sure your den and pack activities are conducted safely.
11/18/2022Fun and Safe Winter Activities for Cub Scouts
It may be getting colder, but the excitement of Cub Scouting doesn’t need to stop when temperatures drop. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll chat with an experienced volunteer about her ideas for fun, safe and easy winter activities.
11/4/2022Ideas for Large Pack Events That are Fun, Easy and Simple
Big pack events can be super fun for Cub Scouts. In this #CubChatLive, we want YOUR great ideas for large pack activities.
10/28/2022How Can We Help New Cub Scout Leaders Succeed?
How can we help new Cub Scout leaders succeed? In this #CubChatLive, we’ll discuss easy ways to welcome and support new unit leaders so your pack stays strong.
10/21/2022How to Identify and Recruit Strong Leaders for your Den or Pack
Cub Scout dens and packs can only thrive with strong adult leadership. But how do you find those leaders? In this #CubChatLive, we’ll discuss simple strategies for identifying and recruiting the right adult volunteers.
10/14/2022How Can Cub Scout Packs Build Stronger Relationships With Other Units?
Packs and troops both benefit when they work together. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll discuss ways that your pack can build stronger relationships with troops and packs in your area.
10/7/2022Tips for Planning a Fun and Successful Campout for Your Pack’s Families
Let’s go camping!!! In this #CubChatLive, we’ll share tips for planning a fun and successful campout for your pack’s families.
9/30/2022What Do Your Den Meetings Look Like?
What do your den meetings look like? In this #CubChatLive, we’ll look at creative den set-ups, ideal spaces and the ways to get your meeting’s layout just right.
9/23/2022What Do Parents Want and How Can Pack Leaders Deliver It?
Survey says! What do parents like about Cub Scouts? And how can leaders use this information to welcome new families into their pack? In this #CubChatLive, we’ll delve into the research and find out!
9/16/2022How To Handle Growing Pains in Your Pack
A bigger pack is exciting, but it comes with its own challenges, too. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll share ideas to handle the inevitable growing pains as we welcome all these new Cub Scouts and their families.
9/9/2022How to Handle a Growing Pack
My pack just grew … A TON! Now what do I do?!? In this #CubChatLive, we’ll discuss four easy steps you can take to welcome all those new Cub Scouts and their families.
8/26/2022How to Become a Trained Cub Scout Leader
Cub Scout Leaders: You have the power to change lives! A trained leader is a make-or-break part of a Cub Scout’s experience. And the good news is it’s simpler than ever to get trained! In this #CubChatLive, we’ll talk all about Cub Scout Position Specific Training and tell you how to earn that coveted Trained patch.
8/19/2022How to Build a Strong Pack Community
Packs work best when all of the families in them feel welcome. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll talk with a seasoned cubmaster about building a healthy pack community.
8/12/2022Cub Scout Advancement Overview Resource Sheet
Rank advancement is a fun and important part of the Cub Scout program. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll introduce a new “at-a-glance” resource to make advancement easier to understand.
8/5/2022Rich Resources for Den Leaders
Lots of tools and rich resources are available to make a den leader’s job easier and more fun. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll share some of these resources, plus we’ll unveil our new leader resource overview sheet.
7/29/2022How to Form New Dens in Your Cub Scout Pack
Forming new dens is an essential part of a growing, healthy Cub Scout pack. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll share strategies for finding and training new den leaders.
7/22/2022Where to Find Recruiting Resources in the BSA Brand Center
As you try to recruit new members to your pack this fall, one of the best resources available is the one you might not know about. In this #CubChatLive, we discuss the BSA Brand Center — what it is, how you can access it, and all the ways you can use it to help your pack grow.
7/15/2022Tips and Ideas For Joining Nights and Other Cub Scout Recruiting Events
Joining nights and other recruiting events are easy ways to grow Cub Scouting. In this #CubChatLive, an expert shares tips and best practices to ensure your pack’s sign-up night is a success.
7/8/2022Update Your BeAScout Pin To Help Parents Find Your Pack
Updating your pack’s BeAScout pin is an easy way to help parents find your pack. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll show you around the website and share best practices for making it a useful tool.
6/24/2022Friends Invite Friends – The Power of Informal Recruiting in Cub Scouting
One of the best and easiest ways to recruit new Cub Scouts is through informal, one-on-one recruiting. In this #CubChatLive, we’ll discuss the benefits of “Friends Inviting Friends” to join in pack and den activities.
6/10/2022How Internet Etiquette and Safety Are Built Into the Cub Scout Program
Internet etiquette and safety are built into the Cub Scout program. In this episode of #CubChatLive, we’ll discuss ways to teach online safety to your den and pack.
6/3/2022How Can JTE Help Your Pack Better Serve Its Families?
Journey to Excellence is one of the BSA’s best tools to help packs plan their annual programs. We discuss what’s new for 2022, and how JTE can help your pack better serve its families.
5/20/2022Confidently Including Special Needs at Cub Camp
Can a Cub Scout who has a disability or special need go camping? Absolutely! In this episode of #CubChatLive, find out how to help Cub Scouts of all abilities have a life-changing, awesome time at camp.
5/13/2022How a Unit Commissioner Can Help Your Pack Succeed
Your unit commissioner is a valuable resource that can help your pack succeed.
In this #CubChatLive, we’ll discuss the role of a unit commissioner and how you can effectively use their expertise in your pack.
5/6/2022Answers to Frequently Asked Cub Scout Questions on Social Media (Part 2)
As we scroll through social media, we’ve noticed some more frequently asked questions about Cub Scouts. In this episode of #CubChatLive, we’ll answer a few of them.
4/29/2022Keeping Your Pack and Den Active During the Summer
Keep the Cub Scout fun going all summer! In this #CubChatLive, we’ll share ways to plan fun and easy summertime activities for your pack and den. Join us with your ideas!
4/22/2022Cub Scout Leader Extravaganza at the Philmont Training Center
Ready for adventure? In this #CubChatLive, special guest Dennis Kampa discusses the Philmont Training Center and the Cub Scout Leader Extravaganza Week scheduled for July 24-30.
4/8/2022The Dollars and Cents of Cub Scouts
A healthy pack needs smart budgeting. In today’s #CubChatLive, we’ll discuss the dollars and cents of Cub Scouting.
4/1/2022Fun Ideas for Cub Scout Crafts!
Cub Scout crafts are fun! In this #CubChatLive, we’ll share photos of craft ideas sent to us by our audience. Plus, we’ll talk about best practices to make these projects even more enjoyable for parents and kids.
3/25/2022Recruiting and Retaining Cub Scout Volunteers and Avoiding Burnout
How do you keep the Scouting Spirit and avoid burnout? How can you recruit and retain Cub Scout volunteers and make sure everyone is having fun? We’ll answer these important questions in today’s #CubChatLive!
3/18/2022Which Cub Scout adventures are being retired and which are here to stay?
How do we keep Cub Scouts relevant to today’s packs and families? Why do electives get retired? Which ones are here to stay and which will be retired this year? We’ve got all the answers in this week’s #CubChatLive!
3/11/2022Why it’s a great idea to recruit new Tigers in the spring
Recruiting new Tigers in the spring is a great way to grow your pack. But more than that, it makes your job as a leader easier. Learn how in today’s #CubChatLive.
3/4/2022What are the advantages of recruiting new Cub Scouts in the spring?
Springtime is a great time to invite new Cub Scouts to join your pack. In today’s #CubChatLive, we’ll get an expert’s take on the advantages of recruiting in the spring.
2/25/2022Frequently Asked Questions on Social Media About Cub Scouting (Part 1)
As we scroll through social media, we’ve noticed some frequently asked questions about Cub Scouts. In this episode of #CubChatLive, we’ll answer a few of them.
2/18/2022What Are “District” or “Council” Events?
What are “District” or “Council” events? And what makes these events different and special compared to pack or den events? Join us as we discuss these fun local opportunities.
2/11/2022How to Prepare Your Arrow of Light Scouts For Scouts BSA
Are your Arrow of Light Scouts ready for Scouts BSA? In this episode of #CubChatLive, we’ll discuss best methods to get your 5th grade Cub Scouts (and their parents!) ready to cross over into Scouts BSA.
2/04/2022Great Ideas for Blue and Gold Banquets
Your creativity amazes us! Here are some of our favorite themes and ideas for Blue and Gold events.
1/28/2022Ideas for Communicating With Your Pack
What’s going on? In this episode, we share ideas for communicating with your pack in a way that keeps everyone informed.
1/21/20225 Things You Need to Run a Parent/Committee Meeting
Preparation is key for parent/committee meetings. Here are 5 things to help you run an effective meeting.
1/14/2022Planning Fun, Simple and Easy Pack Activities
Do you have a pack activity that everyone loves? In this week’s episode, we’ll talk about fun, simple and easy pack activities.
1/7/2022How to Plan a Fun and Active Pack Meeting
The best pack meetings are fun and active! In this episode, we discuss ideas to think about as you plan your next pack meeting.
12/10/2021How to Plan a Fun and Memorable Pinewood Derby Race Day
It’s time to start planning for Pinewood Derby race day! In this episode, we share some ideas to help leaders Be Prepared to run a fun and memorable race.
12/3/2021Fun Cold-Weather Activities for Cub Scouts
When it comes to Cub Scout winter outings, don’t get left out in the cold! In today’s episode, we talk about fun cold-weather activities.
11/19/2021Working With Cub Scouts Who Have Special Needs or Disabilities
Cub Scouting is for everyone! In this episode, we talk about working with Cub Scouts who have special needs or disabilities.
11/12/2021The Best Indoor Cub Scout Games
Loud but not too loud. Energetic but not too energetic. In this episode, we’ll discuss what makes a good indoor game for Cub Scouts.
10/29/20215 Things That Everyone Needs to Know About the NEW Recharter
In this episode, we’ll chat with a rechartering expert about five things that everyone needs to know about the rechartering their pack.
10/22/2021The Chartered Partner Relationship
What is this chartered partner I keep hearing about? In this episode, we’ll talk about the chartered partner relationship and how to develop a mutually beneficial partnership.
10/15/2021How to Track Cub Scout Advancement
In this episode, find out what tools are available to help you track advancement and ensure your unit is prepared for a great year!
9/24/2021Helping New Parents Get Comfortable With Camping
Camping rocks! In today’s #CubChatLive, we’ll talk about ways to help new Cub Scout parents get comfortable with camping.
9/17/2021Putting the FUN into Fundraising
In today’s #CubChatLive, we will cover the basic rules of unit fundraising and share proven techniques for Cub Scout packs.
9/10/2021Cub Scouting in the Outdoors
Being outdoors is one of the methods of Scouting. Here’s how we can make that happen.
8/27/2021Yo-Yos and Cub Scouts
It’s not just a recruitment tool but a toy your Cub Scouts already love! Yes, we’re talking yo-yos with the experts!
8/20/2021How to Recruit a New Den Leader
Recruiting a new Den Leader doesn’t have to be difficult. In this episode, we’ll discuss easier ways to find volunteers to lead your dens.
8/13/2021Where to Find Parent and Den Leader Resources
We’ve got your back! Let’s take a look at the resources and support available to parents and den leaders!
8/6/2021Finding New Pack Volunteers
Get new volunteers in your pack! Today we’re discussing ways to find the perfect role for every parent and volunteer in your unit, from small volunteer spots to heftier leader positions.
7/30/2021How to Welcome New Families to Your Pack
In today’s #CubChatLive, we’ll share ways to welcome new families and get them involved in your pack.
7/23/2021Recruiting Materials and the BSA Brand Center
Flyers and yard signs for your neighborhood; photos and videos for social media! Here’s how easy it is to use the BSA’s Brand Center to create recruiting materials for your pack.
7/16/2021Recruiting New Tigers
Recruiting new Tigers (and their parents!) is one of the best ways to grow your pack. Today we’ll share strategies for inviting and welcoming new Tigers to Cub Scouts.
7/9/20215 Big Thoughts for Your Pack’s Joining Event
Five things you need to know when planning your join Scouting recruiting night! (You won’t believe No. 3!)
6/25/2021Building Positive School Relationships
Both packs and schools benefit when they work together. In today’s #CubChatLive, we’ll share tips for building positive relationships with schools in your neighborhood.
6/18/2021Meet the New Vice Chair of Cub Scouts
Audrey Oakes joins the show to share more about her role, the future of Cub Scouts and to answer your questions about the program.
6/11/2021Why Do YOU Volunteer?
Tell us why you volunteer as a leader.
6/4/2021Aquatics for Cub Scouts
Summertime is the best time to get in the water! In this episode of #CubChatLive, find out which aquatics activities are fun, safe and appropriate for Cub Scouts.
5/21/2021Summer of Service
In today’s #CubChatLive, we’ll brainstorm opportunities for Cub Scouts to be involved in the BSA’s huge Summer of Service.
5/14/2021Retiring Elective Cub Scout Adventures
Every year, the Cub Scout Adventures are reviewed to make sure they are still relevant to today’s families. In this episode of #CubChatLive, we’ll talk about 19 Cub Scout Elective Adventures that will be retired in 2022, and why.
5/7/2021Family Adventure Camp
Family Adventure Camp is for everyone! In today’s #CubChatLive, we’ll discover some of the fun activities available for Cub Scouts at Philmont Scout Ranch, Florida Sea Base and the Summit Bechtel Reserve.
4/30/2021Summertime Activities for Cub Scouts
Summertime is a great time for Cub Scouting. In today’s #CubChatLive, we’ll share ideas to help your den and pack stay active throughout the summer.
4/23/2021The National Cub Scouting Committee
Your Cub Scout pack has a committee that helps ensure a quality program. Did you know that there’s also a National Cub Scouting Committee, made up of volunteers just like you?
4/16/2021Why Did They Decide to Do That?
In this episode of #CubChatLive, we talk about the research that’s used to make data-driven decisions about the Cub Scouting program.
4/9/2021Spring Recruiting Made Easy
In today’s #CubChatLive, we’ll share proven techniques for inviting new families to join Cub Scouts during springtime.
3/26/2021Big News!
Big news in Cub Scouting! What is it? Join us today on #CubChatLive for the announcement from Anthony Berger, the national director of Cub Scouting.
3/19/2021Ceremonies and Celebrations
Today we’ll talk about rank advancement, cross-over and bridging ceremonies and celebrations.
3/12/2021Communicating with Families
Email? Text? Social media? Carrier pigeon?!? What’s the best way to communicate with families in your pack or den? In today’s #CubChatLive, we’ll share strategies for effective communication in your unit.
3/5/2021Overcoming Challenges
Things don’t always go perfect when you’re running a Cub Scout pack. In today’s #CubChatLive, we’ll share strategies for overcoming challenges in your unit.
2/26/2021Advancement During a Pandemic
How does your pack handle advancement during a pandemic? On today’s #CubChatLive!, we’ll share ideas for encouraging Cub Scout advancement, including ways to extend it beyond the school year.
2/12/2021Creating a Pack Community
Your pack is more than just a group of people. It is a community. In today’s Cub Chat Live, we’ll share ideas for strengthening your pack community to make Cub Scouting more fun for both parents and youth.
2/5/2021Blue and Gold Ideas
Virtual Blue & Gold Ideas! Need inspiration for this year’s Blue & Gold? In today’s Cub Chat Live, we’re looking for your ideas to make the annual Cub Scout celebration a success.
1/29/2021All About Scoutbook
Let’s talk Scoutbook! In today’s Cub Chat Live, we’ll discuss Scoutbook’s Den Leader Experience and how it can make it easier and more fun to plan den meetings.
1/22/2021Virtual Den Meeting Fest
Need inspiration for virtual den meetings? In today’s Cub Chat Live, we’re sharing 25 ideas to make your virtual gatherings more fun and effective.
1/15/2021The Den Meeting
The den meeting is the heart of the Cub Scout program. In today’s Cub Chat Live, we’ll share ideas for making your den meetings more fun, more exciting, and more productive.
1/8/2021Pinewood Derby
Can you safely conduct a Pinewood Derby race during a pandemic? Yes you can! In today’s Cub Chat Live, we’ll share ideas for making this year’s Pinewood Derby safe and fun for everyone.
12/18/2020Recognizing Your Scouts
How are you recognizing your Scouts? Has your method changed during the pandemic? Let’s talk keeping Cub Scouts engaged and growing in the program!
12/11/2020Immediate Recognition
Are you recognizing your Cub Scouts the right way? In today’s Cub Chat Live, we’ll talk about why it’s a better idea to present belt loops and pins right away instead of waiting until the next pack meeting.