Enjoy 14 Scouting cartoons from 1967

1967 was a very good year for Scouting, with the BSA hosting the world at the World Scout Jamboree in Idaho.

It was also a good year for Scouting cartoons, as evidenced below. Check out 14 of my favorites from the pages of Scouting magazine from that year.

I found all of these in the Scouting magazine online archives, available for anyone to check out here.

Cartoon-3-1 Cartoon-3-2 Cartoon-3-3 Cartoon-3-4 Cartoon-3-5 Cartoon-3-6 Cartoon-3-7 Cartoon-3-8 Cartoon-3-9 Cartoon-3-10 Cartoon-3-11 Cartoon-3-12 Cartoon-3-13 Cartoon-3-14


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  1. i find these cartoons more entertaining than the current ones in boy’s life.
    we need a modern day Norman Rockwell or “cartoonist” for Scouting. maybe some Scouting memes.

  2. I like the one with the tree in the center grass strip of the drive way, many not understand it as you don’t see it anymore. My grandmother had a drive way like that two cement paths where the wheels of the car traveled on and a strip of grass down the middle.

  3. These are all good
    I like the swimming buddy tags the best because it was that way when I was a scout at summer camp the rubric has not changed and it is still working today

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