12 cartoons about Scouting that weren’t first printed in Scouting magazine

Last week we looked at 20 funny cartoons from the pages of Scouting magazine. But BSA publications aren’t the only places you’ll find Scouting-related cartoons.

Artists have been sharing some good-natured laughs about the BSA for years. In Scouting magazine’s March-April 1992 issue (which you can find in our digital archives), we published a roundup of those unofficial Scouting cartoons.

The article’s author, Ernest Doclar, knew not everyone would be happy with the cartoons being reprinted for Scouting readers.

“Being the subject of such fun-poking angers some in Scouting,” he wrote. “But as a cartoon devotee, I feel such satire not only helps to amuse us but also keeps us from taking ourselves too seriously.”

I couldn’t agree more. The cartoons aren’t offensive but they do play on well-worn Scouting stereotypes. A handful focus on the portrait of a Scout helping an old lady across the street, for example, but each flips that stereotype on its head with occasionally humorous results.

The Chas. Addams and “Hi and Lois” ones are my favorites. I’m interested to know what you think. Take a look after the jump.

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H/T: Thanks to Jon Halter for the blog post idea.


  1. I can see why some didn’t make it. And Lord knows if you put some of them out there today the BSA would probably just have people going “See I told you”……

    Anyway, I make sure to buy the latest Beagle Scout ornaments each year for my SM hubby.

  2. I can appreciate Keller’s cartoon about a troop of Girl Scots finding the Boy Scout troop. I was a Girl Scout and our troop so wanted to do more than sell cookies. Some of us wanted to do the stuff the Boy Scouts were doing. Grateful that today, it is more possible than ever!!!

  3. I agree. ‘Dennis the Menace’ was the best, but I think some of today’s Tiger Cub leaders would vote for ‘Hi and Lois’.

  4. I find the Hi and Lois cartoon particularly interesting. In 1962, perhaps it seemed a bit absurd for a group fo cub scouts to tour a waste facility. Just look at the expression on Lois’ face in the last frame! But nowadays, I’ve know a number of packs that have actually taken tours of a local waste treatment facility. I’ve heard that the managers of that company do a great job teaching scouts about “where things go” when you throw them away, including important topics like recycling and sustainability. It’s very important for our future that we raise awarness of these things in young people (and their parents!), and I’ve heard that the tours are actually a lot of fun!

  5. Whoever had the brilliant idea to gut the patrol method by prohibiting no-adult patrol overnighters in the GtSS ought to take a good look at Shulz’s cartoon.

  6. The Charles Addams cartoon is really funny when you notice the huge front teeth on all the kids, and notice that they don’t have an ax….

  7. Charles Addams made about 12 Scout cartoons. I have all his book collections, and I hope Bryan can share the rest of his Scout cartoons. There is one that has a gypsy fortune teller reading a Scout’s future from his palm. She is saying “you are trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous….”. In another, Morticia and Gomez, the strange parents of Pugsley, are watching Pugsley admire himself in his new Scout uniform in the mirror. Morticia is saying, “well. he doesn’t take after my side of the family”.
    Makes ya smile…..

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