Need a laugh? 33 Scouting cartoons from 1964-66

Cartoon-1964-SnakesEver witnessed a camp-cooking mishap, chaotic den meeting or Scoutmaster slip-up?

In that sense, you’re a lot like Scouters from 50 years ago, as evidenced by the collection of 33 Boy Scouts of America cartoons printed in Scouting magazine during the years of 1964 to 1966.

Some are charmingly old-fashioned and use roles that have been phased out, such as Den Mothers, or well-worn stereotypes, like helping an old lady cross the street.

But others could have been printed in 2014. Take a look and tell me which remind you of your Scouts (or of when you were a Scout!) and which don’t apply today.

My favorite’s probably the “Wild Salutes I Have Known.” What’s yours?

By the way, I found all these in the Scouting magazine online archives, available for anyone’s perusal right now. Enjoy!

Cartoon-1964-After-Hike Cartoon-1964-For-You Cartoon-1964-Hike-Ready Cartoon-1964-Hotel-Camping Cartoon-1964-In-Knots Cartoon-1964-IRS Cartoon-1964-Merit-Badges Cartoon-1964-Rice Cartoon-1964-Semaphore Cartoon-1964-Snakes Cartoon-1964-Valley-Forge Cartoon-1965-Advancement Cartoon-1965-Cub-Pyramid Cartoon-1965-Diners-Club Cartoon-1965-First-Aid Cartoon-1965-Green-Space Cartoon-1965-Hike-Helper Cartoon-1965-Little-Old-Lady Cartoon-1965-Statue Cartoon-1965-Thrifty Cartoon-1966-Advisor Cartoon-1966-Bandage Cartoon-1966-Come-And-Get-It Cartoon-1966-Committee Cartoon-1966-Den-Mother Cartoon-1966-Inspection Cartoon-1966-Overcooked Cartoon-1966-Past Cartoon-1966-Salesmen Cartoon-1966-Tent-Stake Cartoon-1966-Tired Cartoon-1966-Wild-Salutes Cartoon-1966-Young-Scoutmaster

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  1. The Scout cartoon has been around since the founding. B-P used cartoons (as well as other illustrations) drawn by him in Scouting for Boys. “Tommy the Tenderfoot” showed Scouts in 1908 the wrong way to do things. My favorite of the cartoons in this post is the big pot with the mushroom cloud erupting from it. One campout some 50 years ago, some of us (over) baked bread in a pot, with a similar explosion. It became our famous “atomic bread” – burned on the bottom, mushy in the middle, and perfect on top.

  2. I have some real life adventures I’d like to publish some day. In one, we were backpacking in western Kentucky one summer. The lead scout stuck his hiking stick in a hole on the trail. It was a wasp nest. The lead scout came out unscathed but the five or six guys after him took the brunt of the wasps anger.

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