New York council patch serves as a nice tribute to Sept. 11

Post updated on June 5. See below.

OK, this is really nice.

The Greater New York Councils created the special-edition council shoulder patch seen above to commemorate the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

The patch, called “A Tribute in Light,” depicts the real-life Sept. 11 memorial displayed in New York each year. The twin beams of light shine from dusk on Sept. 11 through dawn the next day and can be seen for 60 miles.

It’s the first in the councils’ “Big Apple Series,” which is an annual “council shoulder patch series capturing the essence and world famous landmarks of the greatest city in the world.”

I love New York, and so I’m excited to see which landmark the councils showcase next. But it’s only fitting that they start with this moving tribute both to those who were lost and to those who are still healing from that terrible tragedy.

If you want one of these patches, read on to learn how to buy your own.

How to order

First, know that there are two versions of the patch.

The one seen above sells for $7 (shipping included). Then there’s another with the words “Never Forget” in ghosted script at the bottom. That one is $15 (shipping included).

To order, download the PDF order form or visit this site.

Win one of mine

Update (June 5): The contest is closed. If you didn’t win, see above to order one.

Of the nearly 250 entries, there were seven randomly selected winners.

Thanks to everyone who shared their words. I read everything, and was truly moved.

And thanks to Dave Swartz for sending me a total of SEVEN patches.

Here are the winners. If your name is listed here, I’ll be sending you an email to get your mailing address. Check your spam if it doesn’t make it through!

Regular patch (5): Jen Reid, Marian Walters, Scott Williams, J. Michael McKinney, and Chris King

“Never Forget” ghost patch (2): Bill Ruth and Stephanie Schwarz


  1. Pick me, im a volunteer fire fighter and an eagle scout and would love to have this patch for my collecton.

  2. It is interesting how much this event has changed our lives. I would be proud to add it to my collection.

  3. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing this info, I love patches, and I recently visited the memorial and loved it. I would love to win one of these. Thank you.

  4. My son, an Eagle Scout, is 26 years old and is hoping to move to New York City in June of 2013. I will miss him terribly but want to try and start making the transition a fun one. I would like to receive the patch to give to Cody, as we too,will “never forget.”

  5. I don’t have a CSP collection and this would be a great first patch to start off a collection with.

  6. Pick me, and I will give it to my son that will be completing his Eagle Rank this year — the 100th Anniversary year of the Eagle Scout Rank! His older brother completed his Eagle Rank in 2010, the 100th Anniversary year of Scouting in America, and I gave him one of the commemorative US Dollars that were minted for the occasion. This would be a super-duper Eagle gift for my younger son when he ranks up. Thank you so much, in advance, for considering us. 🙂

  7. Bryan, pick me! I am an emergency response volunteer in my town and assist in training other volunteers. And that is in addition to my vast scouting experience. The incident that this depicts is something that has changed everyone’s life forever, even if they do not realize it yet.

  8. This is awesome. I would like to Enter. The only time I was in the Towers was when I went to a CSNY concert in the Continental Arena in NJ. My wife and I took the subway from #2 to the arena. It’s next door to the Giants Stadium. That was April 2001. We had flown from Portland, OR for it.

    It was an amazing time. Thank you very much for letting us know about this patch and that the Council is doing this. It is a very nice thing to do. Are some of the proceeds going to a 9/11 Charity?

  9. Greetings from the Blue Grass Council! The blog is awesome. September 11, 2001- Never Forget! While I’m at it thank ALL Veterans you see this weekend.

  10. Hi … My name is Luis Gabriel , Iam 15 years old. I live in Puerto Rico and I am a Senior Troop Leader at Troop #407. I am working hard to be an Eagle and I will be honored to have a patch like that one and show it to my friends and little cubs. The tragedy of September 11 will always be in our hearts.

  11. I had just finished my basic firefighter training to be a volunteer firefighter here in Wisconsin when September 11th happened. I have been in several fires since and every time it is a bone chilling frightening experience. You never understand the fear a firefighter has going into danger knowing at any minute his/her life may end in the service of others. I am deeply sorry for the tragic life lost on September 11th and will Never Forget

  12. I remember that day exactly. Where I was. What I did. I remember holding my wife pregnant with our first child while we tried to find out more information as to exactly what had happened. We talked about me signing up for military service, what the impact would be. I was not happy to go to war, but knew it was an inevitable step. And if I was needed, I would follow in my grandfather’s footsteps and volunteer for the ultimate service and sacrifice.

    My heart goes out to those whose lives were forever changed that day. Ultimately, we were all impacted, and we all feel at least in some part the loss experienced by so many.

    This patch is a must for every collector in the United States, and no one should ever forget.

  13. I love this design, though I do wonder at the cost. $7 seems a little on the high side, but then more than double that price for adding the two words at the bottom? I love the patch, but it seems like someone is price gouging a bit.

  14. Patch me in. I have a complete set of earlier Greater New York Council strips with the five boroughs. I have a great memory of seeing Manhattan by night as my flight to Boston passed by in 1982 or 1983.

  15. As first an EAGLE from part of the NYC Council, then becoming a NYC Correction Officer & responding to the attacks, assisting with areas supporting the recovery. Now still involved in Scouting as an ASM, I be delighted to place these 2 commerative flaps into my collection . Yours in Scouting, Kenneth Schwartz

  16. May I have one, please?
    I feel this patch illustrates ‘a scout is reverent’ in a whole new light; not only encouraging duty to country, but also as a remembrance of all those affected.

  17. Wow – that’s an amazing patch. I am not into the whole patch collecting/trading game but love the look, style, and quality of what you showed above. Perhaps this will be my foray into patch collecting?

  18. Please pick me so I can give it to my son … a few steps away from Eagle Scout … project will be complete TOMORROW! :O)

  19. My son was with the OreIda Coucil Troop 609 at Jamboree 2010, afterwards they went on tour up the coast. He has told me a about visiting NYC and seeing Ground Zero, also about how here they are in unform walking past a Fire Station and 2 of the firefighters come out an salute’ them, that had a eldery gentleman follow them around for a couple of hours telling them how proud he was to see them living and being a good example. I would love to win this for his Patch Blanket as a memory.

  20. pick me. Usually don’t like asking for things, would actually prefer to work towards and earn them but, this hit a chord. Didn’t know the patches existed, even if I don’t win one I will be purchasing a set for the collection. I grew up in the NY/NJ area and worked in Manhatten for many years. Can’t say I was close friends with anyone who was lost that day but had many friends of friends who were. That fateful day will never be forgotten and I remember how it brought us all closer together as friends and as a Nation. Didn’t see it notated anywhere but is the Council donating any of the proceeds?


    Eagle Scout – Class of ’78
    District Commissioner
    Occoneechee Council, Neuse river District

  21. I think it would be awesome to get these patches. I am trying to start an around the world patch coklection. I love your writing too.

  22. I would love to have one of the new York council patches. I grew up and was a scout in troop 262 in Brooklyn back in the 70’s. It would make a great addition to my collection.

  23. My son may be earning Eagle this year. This would make a nice Gift. Don’t you think?

  24. I remember the moment I realized that the first plane wasn’t an accident. I was in Microbiology lab and the radio was playing in the background. I spent the next 3 days crying as my husband was deployed. I definitely will never forget what that day destroyed…and what it has destroyed since. I will say “pick my son” now before this becomes to emotionally and politically charged. I think that day will always be a soft spot in my armor.

  25. I never had the opportunity to travel to New York before the Twin Towers fell. But I remember everything about that day, and the days following–how our nation came together; how the churches filled up with people seeking solace; how people showed more compassion for their neighbors; and how we all felt the scary presence of the “boogeyman” invading our lives and making us question who to trust. Although I don’t expect to win this for my Star Scout, I will be purchasing a set for him. Thank you, ALL of our service men and women for all you do to protect our freedoms. Thank you, NYC Council for honoring our fallen heroes and neighbors this way. And thank you, God, for this great country of ours.

  26. I was answering an EMS call when I found out about the attack. I was in the patients house and saw the first tower come down. On the way to the hospital, I found the news break on the radio and listened to the coverage of the Attack on America. I had recently left active duty Army and enlisted in the national guard. I deployed to Iraq in 2004 with the NC National Guard. Although one of the scariest things I have ever done, it was also one of my proudest. I tell my Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts about it all the time.

    • This patch has special meaning for me . . . my oldest son (an EMT) was sent to NY (he was a midshipman at the US Merchant Marine Academy at the time) and was within a couple of blocks of Tower 7 when it fell. My daughter-in-law was also sent to assist with evacuation. On the West Coast, my 2nd oldest son was called to active duty that dreadful morning – he was a Coast Guard Reservist with a Port Security Unit out of Tacoma. My family was forever affected and will never forget.

  27. President Reagan being shot, Space Shuttle Columbia and Sept 11, 2001 are events that I know right where I was, right what I was doing and exactly how I felt. I can see the CNN webpage stream of the towers just by closing my eyes. Proud to be an American!

  28. Just got back from chaperoning a 7th grade field trip to Ellis Island National Park and the Statue of Liberty. One of our Troop’s scouts was with me on the ferry as we both looked at the NYC skyline. The twin towers are not forgotten and those who were lost or helped in any way when the the towers fell are in the hearts of all Americans. How wonderful that this Council created these patches as a remembrance we all share?

  29. I would really love to get one of these patches for my Eagle Scout husband who spent his entire childhood in this council, is still a member of the Suhannake Lodge of the OA (did I spell that right?) and spent his summers and did his Eagle Scout Project at Camp 10-Mile River Scout Camp. This would be a great patch to add to his collection.

  30. I work for a Mack Dealer. I was sweeping the floor in the parts department while I was listening to what was happening on one of the display radios. Ever since I have had a Mack Truck Promotional Photo with a new Mack and the Twin Towers in the back ground on the wall oppisite my desk. The truck is now out of date and normally I would change it poster. However, everyday I sit down at my desk and look at that poster is a daily reminder of what happened that day. I would love to have one of those patches the attach to my framed poster. Thanks for the opportunity.

  31. Am I the only one who likes the patch but feels that it’s fundraising on the backs of the victims? Somehow It feels wrong. As much as I would like to add it to my collection I’m going to have to pass. Still to raw to be just a landmark for me. Maybe if a share was going to a 9/11 fund.

    Side note: My department watched it on my 2 inch TV I won from selling popcorn. We raided every peeper on the floor to keep it powered while we waited for a call that thank God came later that day.

  32. I’m a former scout from Queens … Currently a scouter in upstate NY. Lost many friends in the tragedy of 9-11. Would love to add this patch to my collection. NEVER FORGET. NYPD – FDNY – PAPD – EMS

  33. A great tribute, for a horrible tragedy. Hopefully this is a way for Scouters to remember and for scouts to learn and “Never Forget”

  34. What a great remembrance of that event. It would be great to have a piece of history and the remembrance through a patch. I would love to win either one of them.

  35. I am the Roundtable Commissioner for the Aquehonga District (GNYC) as well as a Scoutmaster and currently an NYPD Detective. This patch is on of the best designed and most meaningful CSP that I have ever seen. The day that I saw them at our program kickoff I bought a few. I have one on both my District shirt and my regular Troop shirt, and 1 or 2 for my collection.
    (BTW if any uniform police ar looking, there is a Fleur di Lis, it is ghosted next to the Statue of Liberty.)

    Even if you don’t win, download the order form and but one (or many more) as they are a Council fundraiser.

  36. I work in NYC and was here that day and still choke up when it is brought up. Everything that day was very surreal. This is a great way for the Council to keep it in our memories.

  37. This is a fabulous patch. It always brings a tear to my eyes when I think of all the people who died on that day and all the first responders that are having health problems. This is a fitting tribute to them. Pick me

  38. I have served as a 911 Dispatcher, EMT-Paramedic, and as a Volunteer Firefighter in the communities that I have lived in. I remember 9/11/2001 vividly. I would consider it an honor if I was chosen.

  39. I was in Ithaca NY on 9/11 watching it all unfold. I was on a work trip with my team from Seattle.

  40. 1984 Eagle from the Jersey side of the Hudson. The Twin Towers were a big part of my life – visited many times. We will Never Forget. 92-64 Buffalo.

  41. My husband is a Blackhawk pilot in the US Army and is stationed at Ft. Drum, NY. He was also stationed here during the attacks. He was flying, doing training, in the same air space as the planes that hit the towers that morning. He was trying to enter Syracuse runway for training and was told to return to Ft. Drum before he knew what was going on. He is one of the last blips seen on the radar from that day in that space. He landed safely but it was very frightening to know he was up there when it was all just beginning to unfold and I had not heard from him. He is a Scouter too. I will have to order some of these patches for him and for my boys!

  42. I went to ground zero on that terrible day and the week to help as a Volunteer Fireman. Please pick me, it would be an honor to have the patch.

  43. Such a tragic day, Such a nice tribute. I remember that I was painting my toddler’s bedroom when the planes struck and I was frightened more than I ever had been in my life.
    That toddler is now my scout and he restores my faith. i am blessed to have him and the other young men proving to me that goodness exists in this world.

  44. I would l love to win these patches for my husband, especially the Never Forget one. He is an active duty Army Apache Pilot and a Scoutmaster. He would love it!!!

  45. I live in Louisiana, I’ve never been to NYC, and I’ve been a Red Sox fan for nearly 30 years…..but I would love to add this patch to my collection. As a Cubmaster, it has been a challenge the last couple years explaining what September 11th is about because only the oldest Webelos were even born in 2001. I will not forget and I will not stop reminding our young scouts why the day is remembered.

  46. I used to travel to NY on business often. I have visited the Empire State building and would look out at the WTC and remember thinking i would like to visit the WTC. Being so much farther away it never happened. Our hearts broke that day. We all remember where we were. I’m long past my fond years of scouting (am Facebook friends with my scout leader and I’m 50!). This patch will look great on my motorcycle jacket. I want to win this one to pay it forward. Give it to someone else.

  47. These patches are awesome. I have never been to New York, except to drive through on the way to Boston. I think a vacation may be in order…

  48. My memories of 9-11. I was stationed at Eglin AFB, working in the Munitions Storage Area aka Bomb Dump. We were all on our way out for lunch but stopped at the control room before leaving. The news of the first attack was showing and then the second attack, real time. As we all watched the towers collapse we could feel the cry of every soul unjustly taken from us. We all knew this was our call. We didn’t leave, we went back into the Dump and started prepping for the anticipated phone call. It came, Our call to duty. That day changed so many lives, instilled a pride in our nation. A coming together of its citizens. We were attacked on our home soil, We lost the lives of innocent civilians. As a veteran I wanted so bad to make this wrong done brought to justice. Seeing the memorial lights of the towers, watching the memorial every year makes my heart swell with pride. I am proud to have served during this time. Seeing this patch also swells me with pride, I’m proud how we all came together nationwide for the families lost, for the first responders lost. Yes this would be a great patch for my collection, but this would be a great patch to share with my fellow Brothers in Arms. Pick Me. God Bless the USA

  49. I like the Statue of Liberty in the foreground. When the late night talk shows started up again after 9/11 one of the hosts pointed out that from his window he had a great view of the Twin Towers and that morning when he looked out for the first time what he saw was Lady Liberty.

    Always remember those who dies because they ran in when everyone else was running out.

    Houston, TX PD – Retired
    Cimarron, NM PD

  50. Tried posting earlier does look as it went through. Was a boy scout in my youth and have very fond memories, now 50! Sad that my boys missed out on a great experience. I’ve also reconnected with my scout leader on Facebook, how cool is that. Used to travel to NY on business alot, would go to deck of the Empire State Building and see the WTC. Wished to visit it but the distance was so far. I bought two patches for my wife and I to wear on our motorcycle vests. Would like to win one to pay forward to someone else. The lights are a beautiful tribute from the first time I’ve seen them. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

  51. I luvvvvv the patch! We will never forget! The President Gerald R Ford Field Service Council has been producing a special 9-11 Council Patch every year for several years now. However, you cant buy it… You have to participate in the Council’s 9-11 Salute and earn it! Its a day-long continuous salute and thousands of Scouts and leaders do it every year! Not a fundraiser, a tribute!

  52. Very nice remembrance of the people and those that may have been scouts from around the world who were at the World Trade Center.

  53. I was in midtown NYC on Sept 11, 2001. I can’t forget the unspeakably lovely blue sky that day. My office didn’t have a view of the towers, but the building next to us did. I remember seeing people standing on the neighboring balcony suddenly fall to their knees — only later did I realize that was when the first tower fell. Very nice patch (and I really wish the Scout Store in the Empire State Building had not closed so it would be easier to pick up a few!).

  54. I sure would like to win one for my older son who collects council badges!

    Just love reading your blog, Bryan.

  55. My husband vounteered to go down (Fireman) to help with the clean-up. I also had a client who I was on the phone with right after the first plane hit. He told me had to go; he said he was leaving hte building. They were on the 74th floor having a meeting (usually on the 81st). One of the woman forgot her purse, but he kept them going even when a voice came over the intercom telling them it was safe to return to their place of business. They made it out the door just before it collapsed. Please ick me so I cna honor this man with the patch as he once was a boy scout.

  56. That is an awesome patch. NYC is my favorite city I’ve been to. This would be a great addition to my CSP collection

  57. An Outstanding patch of one of the most terrible events in the history of America. I was watching the tragedy on TV and was terrified for those that were caught up in the distruction of the World Trade Centers. The patch honors all the lives that were affected by the most heinous of all crimes. America was forever changed and we must never forget that on that fateful day we added Heros not by choice to a long list of Heros that make this nation what it is. Sincerely, Trenton Spears

  58. Native New Yorker, veteran and proud American – this patch is a wonderful tribute. Thank you to the patch designer.

  59. I was one of the those EMS first responders from New Jersey, spent the day at LIberty State Park and Ellis Island.

  60. Awesome patch. I especially like the Statue of Liberty in the foreground and the ghost patch is REALLY COOL!!! Thanks to the Greater New York Councils for putting these together.

  61. I was in the process of working on the final draft of my doctoral dissertation when I first learned of the attack on the twin towers. On the one year anniversary, I was at Camp Alpine, NJ with my son. He was attending NLS and I was at NLATS. I came out to get a breath of fresh air that evening and saw the two beams of light and realized they had to be coming from GZ. I ran inside and brought my son out and we spent a quiet moment reflecting on the tragedy.

    Thanks to Greater New York Councils for keeping the memory of all involved alive!

  62. You did a fantastic job on this one! Being from the NJ side of the river, I can clearly remember those lights and the feelings they invoked in all of us. Thank you for creating this for the boys to remember. (

  63. That’s a really nice tribute. I worked at TMR a few years ago and this brings back both memories of that and 9-11.

  64. Both of these patches would be good additions for any collector. I hope Scouts and Scouters bring along a “few” extra for trading at NOAC 2012 and Jamboree 2013!

  65. What an awesome way to remember those lost in 9-11. I commend the NY Council for creating such a priceless patch!

  66. I love council patches, and it so appropriate to have one dedicated to the men and women that lost their lives in that tragity. Especially dedicated to the men and women in public service that put others peoples lives before their own. This is a nice way to say that we will never forget you and always honor you.

  67. Sept 11 was my Pearl Harbor, I will never forget where I was when it happened. I can still remember it vividly. I would love the chance to pay tribute to all those that were lost.
    Thank you

  68. Pick me! I am very saddened I never got to visit New York before 9/11 and would love the opportunity to wear the patch as a remembrance of that day.

  69. Wow, this is an awesome patch and a true tribute to those affected by 9/11. I hope to see more of these at the Jamboree so it get’s recognized by as many people as possible.

  70. I am a New Yorker
    I do not live in the five boroughs or on the Island or Upstate
    I may live hundreds or thousands of miles away
    Or I may live just over the GW Bridge
    But I am a New Yorker
    I am a New Yorker
    Whatever took me out of New York:
    Business, family or hating the cold did not take New York out of me.
    My accent may have faded and my pace may have slowed
    But I am a New Yorker
    I am a New Yorker
    I was raised on Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and Rockefeller Plaza,
    The Yankees or the Mets (Giants or Dodgers)
    Jones Beach, Rye Beach, Rockaway Beach or one of the beaches on the sound
    I know that “THE END” means Montauk.
    Because I am a New Yorker
    I am a New Yorker
    When I go on vacation, I never look up
    Skyscrapers are something I take for granted
    The Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty are part of me
    Taxis and noise and subways and “get outa heah” don’t rattle me
    Because I am a New Yorker
    I am a New Yorker
    I was raised on cultural diversity before it was politically correct
    I eat Greek food and Italian food, Jewish and Middle Eastern food and Chinese food
    Because they are all American food to me.
    I don’t get mad when people speak other languages in my presence
    Because my relatives got to this country via Ellis Island and chose to stay
    They were New Yorkers
    People who have never been to New York have misunderstood me
    My friends and family work in the industries, professions and
    businesses that benefit all Americans
    My firefighters died trying to save New Yorkers and non-New Yorkers
    They died trying to save Americans and non-Americans
    Because they were New Yorkers.
    I am a New Yorker
    I feel the pain of my fellow New Yorkers
    I mourn the loss of my beautiful city
    I feel and dread that New York will never be the same
    But then I remember:
    I am a New Yorker
    And New Yorkers have:
    Tenacity, strength and courage way above the norm
    Compassion and caring for our fellow citizens
    Love and pride in our city, in our state, in our country
    Intelligence, experience and education par excellence
    Ability, dedication and energy above and beyond
    Faith–no matter what religion we practice
    Terrorists hit America in its heart
    But America’s heart still beats strong
    Demolish the steel in our buildings, but it doesn’t touch the steel in our souls
    Hit us in the pocketbook; but we’ll parlay what we have left into a fortune
    End innocent lives leaving widows and orphans, but we’ll take care of them
    Because they are New Yorkers
    Wherever we live, whatever we do, whoever we are
    There are New Yorkers in every state and every city of this nation
    We will not abandon our city
    We will not abandon our brothers and sisters
    We will not abandon the beauty, creativity and diversity that New York represents
    Because we are New Yorkers
    And we are proud to be New Yorker
    Author – Vincent Pasquale, Maspeth, NY

  71. Our youngest son and Life scout just visited the NY area to see our history and would love to have this patch as a reminder!

  72. I was a flight nurse in CT during 9/11, I had the opportunity to fly over the site shortly after they lifted the no-fly zone while bring a patient into NYC, an amazing and surreal site from the air.

  73. PICK ME PLEASE!! It is a great looking patch. I was sent by my fire department to trench rescue training. We were in about the third day on the 11th. We finished the class, but we were prepared to pack up and make the trip to assist at WTC if FDNY called for us. Kudos to Greater New York Council for memorializing WTC in their council patch.

  74. Love the patch! We take our Troop to NYC every other December, we stay at a church in Washington Heights, sure would love to have one !!!

  75. Beautiful patch! Very nice of them to send them to you and just as nice for you to share them! I’ll never forget that day… was a young Sailor pulling out of port on a Guided Missile Cruiser, waving goodbye to my wife and two young sons on the pier. I’ll be back in two weeks…. just going out for a training op. A few hours later that all changed… The next time I saw my family the world was a different place, my boys were older, my wife was tired from worring constantly, I was a combat vetern…. Now time has gone by, memories fade and the world is still changing, but that day will always be vivid in my mind.

  76. Yes, I would enjoy winning one of these patches to add to my collection. I have a bunch of my council patches that have changed over the years since I was a Cub Scout, Boy Scout, Explorer, and adult leader since wearing just a City/State instead fo the Council patches we can now wear.

  77. I would love to win one of these. I remember looking out over NYC from the roof of the WTC and the Statue of Liberty.

  78. Our son, now a Star Scout, was three years old on 9/11. We were on our way from western NY to Gettysburg, and from there Baltimore for a family vacation. We listened to the news coverage of the attacks on our drive and heard that a plane was missing over Pennsylvania just as we were driving through central PA. Signs were popping up along the major highways that NYC was closed to all traffic and that travelers would need to change travel plans. The sky was suddenly still and as we made stops until we reached our destination, we really didn’t know what to say to our son. I had lost my appetite and could only think of what was happening just a short distance away and how utterly helpless I felt. We arrived in Gettysburg around 3 pm and watched the news coverage on television for the first time that day. We visited the battlefields that evening and it just so happened that our son was going through a phase where he always carried a small American flag with him – even to bed. People probably thought we had placed the small flag in his hand to mark the events of the day; maybe our son’s love for the American flag was meant to inspire others. We now find ourselves some years later and stories in the news continue to pop up about people being fined or asked to remove the American flag from their home because it offends someone. Children are no longer taught about the flag or recite the Pledge of Allegiance because it may offend someone. 9/11 was more than an attack on a building, causing thousands of deaths and shattered families. It was an attack on our entire nation and what it stands for. This commemorative patch serves to not only remind us all of that awful day and subsequent months and years; it should serve to make us remember how Americans pulled together after the attack and were proud to be American. May we once again feel that cohesive pull as Americans, and let it not be due to another tragedy, but because we will it.

  79. It’s an honor to those men and women, who lost their lives that horrible day. This patch holds Americans on it’s shoulder. Thank you

  80. I would really like to have one of these great tribute patches for my son’s 17th birthday that is Sept. 11th…our entire family are Scouts/Scouters

  81. I have never been to NY, but i remember the day that you took the hit for our freedom. I would be honored to have the patch and display it proudly. Go Army.

  82. Being from Florida, I would LOVE to have a patch honoring this event. I am wanting to come to New York and this would give me something to look forward to.

  83. Pick me so I can give to my son cuz his dad is a firefighter and it would make him cry when I gave it to him

  84. What an awesome way to capture a little piece of history and keep the memory of 9/11 alive. This is a beutiful patch and even though I’m in VA, I say a huge thank you to whomever, thought of creating this patch. I would love to have one to add to my sons’ patch collection. I have 2 scouts – one who is 16 and working on his Eagle project and another who is 12 and obviously has a ways to with his scouting experience. I hope to be chosen but either way what a great gift you are giving!

  85. Buffalo Trace’s 2008 FOS patch was and still is my favorite. I watched in horror as tower 2 got hit and watched them fall.

  86. I still think that performing at Carnegie Hall is my favorite memory of NYC. These patches are just wonderful.

  87. If I don’t win I’ll certainly be buying one to add to my collection. Nice job by the Greater New York Councils.

    • My wife and I adopted our son from China. He is handicaped with only one full hand and a one digit on the other hand. He joined Webelos and became a Super Acheiver earning his Arrow of Light thsi year. He is now in Boy Scouts. When he visited Ground Zero we had to explain what had occured as he was too young at the time and in China. He was visibably upset and concerned. He was trying to understand why such a thing would or could occur. He went to the Ground Zero Museum and was just transfixed. Since that visit he read and watched about 9-11 and always worries about New York being attacked when we see something about New York on TV. I showed him this patch. I know he would treasure one and taht it would be used by him in his Troop to study and learn about this event in history.

  88. Please enter my name in the contest. I have 30 years in scouting this year. I lived in new York as a kid and that’s where most of all my youth scouting was Brooklyn Troop 76. I owe so much of my life and foundation to that council, troop 76 and John Farrell. To this day hold close to my heart TMR, Pouch, Alpine and representing GNYC in the 1989 National Jamboree.

  89. This is a wonderful patch. I am a member of the Mid-America Council The council experienced a tornado at one of our camps killing 4 scouts. I certainly can relate to the unneccessary loss life because of an uplanned tragedy. I am not a “patch collector’ but it will be an honor to own one of these patches.

  90. Beautiful patch and a wonderful tribute to the GREAT city of New York. God Bless NYC, the Greater NYC BSA Council and God Bless America….the Land that we Love so dearly

  91. I would be happy to win one of these for my son. I lived north of the city in 2001 (have since moved to FL), and while I didn’t loose someone I knew personally in the attacks, most of my neighbors did. We could see the smoke from our house, and my son (working on his Eagle right now) remembers it very clearly as a defining moment in his childhood. He knows many of the details and facts about the WTC towers and collects things related to it. I still remember the Harriers flying over our house on patrols afterwards, we were on the flight path they regularly took.

  92. As in incoming new cubmaster I’d like to get the boys more excited about scouting and we were thinking of a pack patch collection. This would be awesome to have as one of the cornerstones of the collection

  93. i woudl love to give this to my son, who’s on his road to eagle. When he visited the 911 Museum in NYC enroute to the Jamboree in 3010, he shared the impression it made in photos, and in essays at high school.

  94. One of my favorite shoulder patches isn’t actually a council patch, its from a camp. I got to work at Owasippe Scout Reservation on the 100 year anniversary of the camp and they had a special patch to comemerate the occasion it was a white patch with a green border and it had the Owasippe head logo en-circled by two rows of 50 stars. Across the top the patch was supposed to say “Chicago Area Council” however the maker of the patch messed up and sent 50 patches that read “Chigago Area Council.” The correct patch was finally shipped and sold in the trading patch but the first is a much cooler collectable.

  95. As a former New Yorker who worked on Wall St., that day will never be forgotten. However the more important memory is how a city and a country came together in the hours, weeks and months after that fateful day.

  96. I just think this is a truly lovely patch and am planning on ordering one when I get a few extra $$! It makes me remember how we all came together that day!

  97. I am a proud New Yorker, even if I don’t live there any longer. My son is starting his Eagle project this summer and I would like to have this patch to present to him. We miss NY and go back as often as we can. Thank you for giving someone a chance to win this awesome patch

  98. Just came back from vacationing a few days in New York. A Great City. The new towers seem closer to being done. Wish I got to see the memorial. Next time!

  99. Like Pearl Harbor and December 7th, we should not forget that fateful September day. I dont know if I will ever get used to the changed skyline when I drive through the area. Glad to see the patch created.

  100. I’m so happy they made a patch to honor 9/11. The towers are something we all took for granted. This is a good way to remember them.

  101. My son would love this. He was only 18 months, but I have always shared with him about 9/11. I have a collection of “Where were you” stories so that we never forgets.

  102. What a wonderful way to honor NYC! I grew up across the river from NYC, and remember visiting the towers when they were first built. I’ve started patch collections for my two Eagle scouts, and would love to add this one. I also want to start a collection for my daughter who has joined a Venturing Crew. They are following in their grandfather’s footsteps – he was an Eagle scout and a scoutmaster for a number of years. We now live in Texas, but my younger son was able to visit Ground Zero on a school trip his sophomore year and it made a huge impression on him. He’s decided to join the military, and is currently in ROTC. God bless America!

  103. Thanks for the opportunity to receive these patches. The world need not forget what happened on that tragic day. I’m the assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 4011 out of Weaver, Alabama, we look forward to receiving these patches for our collection. Thanks again.

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