Cubcast goes vintage for October as it prepares for relaunch; Boy Scout version coming soon

Your message was heard loud and clear, and a revamped Cubcast is on its way this November. Its creators are promising a new and improved version designed to serve you better. For October, though, the Cubcast folks are sending us back in time. They’re rebroadcasting last October’s episode, a classic that covered Citizenship and the BeAScout […]


Parental guidance: How Scouters can deal with those unruly moms and dads

For many Scout leaders, it’s not the Scouts that’ll turn hair gray — it’s their parents. The team behind ScoutCast recently asked 56 experienced Scoutmasters from across the country this question: “What do you know now that you wish you knew as a new Scoutmaster?” The overwhelming response was not handling issues with Scouts but […]


Technology in Scouting: A blessing or a curse?

In this corner, we have modern-day Scouting, where technology enhances the delivery of the program in ways never thought possible. In the other corner, it’s traditional Scouting, that rare respite from a young person’s screen-based life one weekend each month. Can’t we all just get along? That’s the thinking I espouse in the latest episode […]