A Cubcast every responsible Scouter should hear

“Who is responsible for this?”

The question conjures an image of a frazzled den leader, hands on hips, looking out over the mess the boys left behind.

But spin the phrase around, and it can follow a praiseworthy moment where Scouts did what’s right without your having to ask.

Encourage moral accountability in your Scouts by teaching Responsibility, October’s Cub Scout Core Value — and the subject of Part 1 of the September Cubcast

The Cubcast, a monthly podcast focused on all things Blue and Gold, features how-to topics that can help improve your pack and den.

I told you about Cubcast back in July, when the topics were Honesty and the ScoutParents program. August’s episode brought you tips on teaching Cooperation and boosting popcorn sales.

Here’s what will entice your eardrums this month:

Part 1: Responsibility

Sigmund Freud believed that most people are “frightened of responsibility.” Of course, that doesn’t apply to you because, as a Cub Scout leader, you’re up to the challenge. But how do we empower the boys to take on this Core Value? Well, we asked Bob Mazzuca, recently retired Chief Scout Executive who knows a thing or two about responsibility, to share his insights with us.

Part 2: The Cyber Chip

The Internet, Facebook, texting, apps—today’s kids are using technology for everything from help with their homework to socializing with friends. But sometimes kids don’t realize that the cyber world can be a little scary and they need to protect themselves. Joining us is Scott Berger, a 40-year Scouter with Patriots’ Path Council in Florham Park, New Jersey. Scott is chairman of the Cyber Chip Task Force and will introduce the BSA’s new Cyber Chip.

Listen to the September Cubcast here.

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Learn how you can help as the Cubcast team plans to start from scratch to make Cubcast an even better tool for Cub Scout leaders.

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