Scoutify your commute with CubCast and ScoutCast, the BSA’s monthly podcasts

Be Prepared for a better commute.

With CubCast and ScoutCast, the BSA’s pair of monthly podcasts, you’ll become a more-informed Scouting volunteer as you drive to work, empty the dishwasher or walk your dog.

Each month’s topic is so expertly timed to give you helpful information, you’ll think the team behind CubCast and ScoutCast can read your mind.

We can’t; I promise.

But we can promise tons of top tips for making your Cub Scout pack or Scouts BSA troop the best it can be.

Listen on the BSA’s newly redesigned podcast page or by searching “ScoutCast” or “CubCast” on your favorite podcast app.

About CubCast

CubCast offers essential Cub Scouting advice, delivered in 15 minutes or less.

The show is hosted by Aaron Derr, senior writer for Boys’ Life and Scouting magazines, and Amy Hutcherson, Northeast Region growth coach.

Recent topics include planning a Pinewood Derby, resolving conflicts between boys or girls in your den, and advice for Webelos Scouts moving to Scouts BSA.

The complete archive of CubCast episodes goes all the way back to January 2011. Scroll through the pages to find the episodes that most interest you.

About ScoutCast

ScoutCast digs deep into topics affecting assistant Scoutmasters, Scoutmasters and troop committee members.

The show is hosted by me, Bryan Wendell, and Gina Circelli, digital producer for Boys’ Life and Scouting magazines.

In recent episodes, we’ve talked about starting a troop, getting trained and preparing for the launch of Scouts BSA.

The first ScoutCast episode debuted in January 2013. Find that episode — and every one since — in the complete ScoutCast archives.

Email your episode ideas

Have a topic you’d like to hear covered in a future ScoutCast or CubCast?

Email or tweet @BSAScoutCast.

Many of the topics covered in previous episodes of CubCast and ScoutCast were suggested by listeners.

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