Renewed wows: Check out the changes in the November Cubcast

Spring may be the season of renewal, but fall’s when Cub Scout packs hit the reset button for the year.

Which is also the perfect time for Cubcast to do the same. As I mentioned in August, the podcast has been completely reimagined, with your help, and the November 2012 episode is the result of that revamp. If you ask me, it’s a hit. The new hosts bring a fresh energy and a sense of authority to the informative, 10-minute episode. And the shout-out to my blog makes it even sweeter!

The subject matter for this month’s episode is about renewal, too — as in the unit charter renewal process, a timely reminder this time of year.

Who are the new hosts? Meet Regional Operations Manager (and past leader of the Cub Scout Division) Sam Thompson. He’s joined at the microphone by Cub Scout volunteer extraordinaire Janet Griffin. This month, the two chat with Terrie Wilder, assistant council commissioner for charter renewal for the Mount Baker (Wash.) Area Council.

Listen to the November 2012 Cubcast or catch up with past episodes here.

Boy Scout Leaders, Listen Up!

Cubcast is great for pack and den leaders, but what about Boy Scout volunteers?

Just wait — ScoutCast will air Jan. 1.

Think of it as a roundtable or after-hours discussion. Sure, we all know how to teach kids about cooking over a campfire or tying a sheepshank, but ScoutCast will focus on topics like anger management, bullying, or dealing with kids with ADHD or hyperactivity.

I’m thinking it’s something Boy Scout leaders won’t want to miss.

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