May 2015 ScoutCast, CubCast get you ready for the new Cub Scout program

cubcast-logoIt’s May 1, meaning we are exactly one month away from the launch of the new Cub Scout program.

It’s officially time for Cub Scout leaders and, yes, Boy Scout leaders to make sure they’re ready.

The May 2015 episodes of CubCast and ScoutCast, the BSA’s official podcasts for adult leaders, have you covered.

Cub Scout leaders, you’ll get info on the new Cub Scouting materials and how to use them effectively in CubCast.

scoutcast-logo1Boy Scout leaders, you’ll learn how the new Cub Scout program affects your troop in ScoutCast.

Speaking of new, I’m honored to announce that I’ve been asked to be the new co-host of ScoutCast, alongside fellow BSA professional Lee Shaw.

The May 2015 is my first episode as co-host, so go easy on me! And learn more about what’s in each episode after the jump.

May 2015 CubCast

Listen here. Read here.

Description: “If you’re a regular CubCast listener, as you should be, you know we’ve had quite a few episodes about getting ready for the new Cub Scouting program. In those shows, we mentioned the materials that were created for the new program and now we’ve invited Cub Scout online training task force member Nancy Farrell to have an in-depth discussion with us about those materials and how they’ll make your life as a Cub Scout leader so much easier.”

Key takeaway: After giving a great overview of these new materials, Farrell shared this interesting tidbit: “Some of our listeners may not know that the Cub Scouts, actually, are the
ones that chose the covers for the handbooks. They were shown many designs, and they really feed into that wood‑burning, so they chose the covers. We wanted to make sure that the den leader guides were written with the feedback incorporated that we heard from the field that they wanted easy‑to‑use plans, but they wanted them to be comprehensive.”

May 2015 ScoutCast

Listen here. Read here.

Description: “With the new Cub Scouting program, Webelos are going to be a whole lot better prepared than they used to be to join your troop. What do you, as a Scout leader, need to do to get ready? Join ScoutCast hosts Lee Shaw and Bryan on Scouting blogger Bryan Wendell as they discuss all the details with Dennis Kampa, author of the BALOO Training Guide and Cub Scout Adventures task force member. His answer may surprise you.”

Key takeaway: Kampa shares how Cub Scouts will begin sampling Boy Scout skills. That’ll make the transition process a breeze. “We pulled a lot of the Boy Scout requirements, especially Scout skill stuff, down into the Cub Scout program. So they should at least have heard about it before. We have Wolves and Bears doing map and compass, and first aid goes up through the whole program. So it should make advancement a little easier.”

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