Why change Cub Scouting? The latest CubCast has your answer

cubcast-logoCub Scouting is the greatest program out there for kids, so why would the Boy Scouts of America feel the need to change it?

To make it better, of course.

The new Cub Scout Adventure Program, debuting in May 2015, is better for everyone involved. It’s more fun and active for boys. It’s simpler and more rewarding for leaders.

I’m not the expert on why these changes were made, how they were developed and when they’re rolling out. But I know who is.

It’s Bob Scott, Cub Scout Experience Manager at the BSA. He served as an advisor to the 100-plus volunteers who helped create the updated program.

In the June 2014 edition of CubCast, the monthly Cub Scouting podcast, Scott shares more insight into Cub Scouting’s 2015 upgrade.

Boy Scout leaders, there’s a podcast for you, too.

June 2014 ScoutCast

scoutcast-logo1It’s not a secret society, but many Scouters out there don’t know a whole lot about the Order of the Arrow, which is the BSA’s national honor society.

In the latest ScoutCast, National OA Chief Nick Dannemiller demystifies this important group within Scouting.

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