If you aren’t already on Scoutbook, this new feature might change your mind

Scoutbook, the free advancement tracking tool provided by the BSA, has always been designed to make running your Cub Scout pack, Scouts BSA troop, Venturing crew, Sea Scout ship or Exploring post as easy as it can be.

Now, a new calendar functionality is making things even easier.

Earlier this month, Scoutbook began redirecting all calendar functionality to a new feature called Scoutbook Plus.

The new calendar has added features, such as the following:
• The ability to create recurring events such as unit, patrol, den, and committee meetings.
• Users can generate activity logs from events prefilled with event information
• An html editor for event descriptions
• An automatic update of event invitees when members join or leave a unit
• Quick entry for invitation and attendance

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If you aren’t already on Scoutbook, now is the time to give it a shot.

What is Scoutbook?

Scoutbook is an advancement tracking tool that also includes messaging, forums, service, hiking, camping tracking and calendaring features.

Units are not required to subscribe to Scoutbook; it is an optional, free service provided by the BSA. However, many BSA volunteers have found that Scoutbook gives them a valuable tool to accomplish what used to require multiple subscriptions to non-BSA services.

What makes Scoutbook better than other advancement tracking tools?

Where do we start?

Because Scoutbook is run by the BSA, it interfaces seamlessly behind the scenes with the BSA’s registration system.

For example, when you sign up for Scoutbook, it automatically adds the Scouts on your current council roster. When updates are made with registrations at your council, they will populate in Scoutbook within 24 hours.

For units new to Scoutbook, Scoutbook automatically assigns unit administrators roles to the unit leader (Cubmaster, Scoutmaster, Crew Advisor or Ship Skipper), along with the committee chair and chartered organization representative.

Administrators can then add other administrators or remove the administrator position from others.

What else can I do on Scoutbook?

You can easily monitor a Scout’s advancement with Scoutbook.

First, ensure the Scout has an active Scoutbook account.

Then, log in to Scoutbook on your end, click on My Dashboard, click on your unit, click on your unit roster and click on the Scout’s name. There, you’ll find their rank and other advancement details. (This screen will vary depending on which BSA program you are leading.)

You can drill down into any rank or Adventure to see which requirements have been completed and which ones need to be approved.

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Not ready to sign up yet? Try the Scoutbook Demo Environment to get a feel for how it works.

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