Bay Area troop to celebrate 110 years of Scouting, plus other positive news in Scouting this week

Bay Area BSA Scouts Troop 3 is approaching its 110th anniversary and is reflecting on its past while looking toward the future. The troop has met in San Francisco’s Chinatown since July 1914.

Initially gathering at a time when Chinese Americans were often marginalized, Troop 3 has persevered and thrived over the years, contributing to the American experience and demonstrating unity among Scouts of diverse backgrounds.

Despite many challenges, Troop 3 remains committed to embracing change and welcoming all to a life of adventure. Troop leaders emphasize that Scouting lays the foundation for a lifetime of community dedication. In contrast, the Scouts cherish the enduring values of self-discovery and service to others amidst the evolving landscape.

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Troop stood guard at Veterans Memorial in Royal Oak

Despite Sunday’s rain, BSA Scouts Troop 1610, unwavering in their commitment, continued their tradition of guarding the Veterans Memorial in downtown Royal Oak, Michigan. They ensured the protection of the 180 flags honoring fallen veterans. Ranging from ages 10 to 18, the Scouts camped overnight, demonstrating their steadfast dedication to preserving the memorial.

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Scouts replace Elm Street Cemetery flags

On Saturday, May 25, Troop and Cub Scout Pack 74 of North Dartmouth, Massachusetts, continued their tradition of replacing American flags of fallen veterans at Elm Street Cemetery. Dartmouth Veteran Service Officer Matthew Brouillette accompanied the Scouts. The Scouts found participating in the Memorial Day services educational.

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