Debuting tonight: The first of three episodes of #CubChatLive Prime Time

#CubChatLive, the BSA’s weekly Cub Scout-focused show that normally streams on Fridays at 2 p.m. Central, is headed to prime time for a limited run.

#CubChatLive Prime Time debuts tonight — Jan. 16, 2024 — at 7 p.m. Central. You can watch on Facebook or YouTube … or right here:

The #CubChatLive team will also present new episodes on each of the next two Tuesdays — Jan. 23 and Jan. 30, also at 7 p.m. Central.

For those of you who prefer to watch during the day, have no fear: #CubChatLive will continue streaming new episodes each Friday at 2 p.m. Central. The three limited-time-only prime-time broadcasts are designed to give people who can’t get away from work during the day the chance to learn more about what’s going on with Cub Scouts.

And since the BSA is in the middle of its rollout of announcements about Cub Scout program updates, now seems like the perfect time to offer a prime-time viewing option.

What topics will be covered on #CubChatLive Prime Time?

All three episodes of #CubChatLive Prime Time will be webinar-style discussions about all the exciting updates coming to the Cub Scout program. Each episode might differ slightly in content, however, depending on the kind of questions our hosts get from the audience each night.

We can’t promise that we’ll be able to answer every question we get, but we can promise that we’ll Do Our Best to make sure everyone knows what they need to know about the updates, which go into effect in June 2024.

As always, each episode will be archived on its respective social media channel for later viewing, if that’s how you prefer to watch.

For example, here’s the episode in which we first announced the updates two months ago:

Don’t forget: #CubChatLive is also a podcast

While the livestreams of #CubChatLive will always be available to rewatch, distribute or embed after each show ends, we’ve added an audio stream to ensure we can reach you wherever works best for you.

You can subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts. Just open your preferred podcast app (if you’re new to podcasts, you could try an app like Apple Podcasts or Spotify), type “#CubChatLive” in your app’s search bar, then hit “subscribe” or “follow.”

Click here to access the archives of past #CubChatLive video and audio.

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