Looking for a new podcast? Try the #CubChatLive audio stream for Cub Scout leaders

pack shoot to create imagery for the new handbooks and merit badge books

Becoming a better Cub Scout leader just got easier.

Do you drive to work? Hit the treadmill? Enjoy a morning cycle? How about a mid-afternoon hammock eye-resting sesh (we’re looking at you, work-from-home readers)?

These are just a few of the places where you could be developing your leadership skills by listening to the newest iteration of the fan-favorite live show for Cub Scout parents and leaders.

Now, in addition to the weekly livestream event, the same great info is making it into the podcast edition of #CubChatLive, too!

Why is #CubChatLive a podcast?

Since the show started, Scouting magazine staff has been overwhelmed with positive feedback and tremendous viewership. Volunteers say they love hearing from seasoned Scouters and engaging in the live dialogue with their fellow Cub Scout families. And it sounds like many leaders walk away with all kinds of inspiration and ideas from #CubChatLive.

But other pieces of feedback were also recurring:

  • “A live show doesn’t fit the varied schedules of the parents in our pack.”
  • “I don’t have Facebook or YouTube so I don’t know how to watch.”
  • “Honestly, I’d rather have something I can listen to in my car.”

We read you, loud and clear. And while the livestreams of #CubChatLive will always be available to rewatch, distribute or embed after each show ends, we’ve added an audio stream to ensure we can reach you wherever works best for you.

Ultimately, more inspired, engaged Cub Scout leaders means an even better Cub Scout program. And that means an even brighter future for your kids and our communities.

How to listen to #CubChatLive

You can subscribe to the audio stream of the show wherever you listen to podcasts.

In other words, open your preferred podcast app (if you’re new to podcasts you could try an app like Apple Podcasts or Spotify). Type “#CubChatLive” in your app’s search bar. Then, hit “subscribe” or “follow”.

To see a lineup of past episodes of the podcast and livestream, head to blog.scoutingmagazine.org/cubchatlive/ and be sure to catch new episodes on Fridays at 2 p.m. Central.

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