7 ‘Scout Life’ crafts to keep your Scouts busy this holiday break

Make a Scout Life knot ornament

‘Tis the season to get your kids crafting!

When holiday break rolls around and temperatures continue to drop, there’s no need for your Scouts to sit around bored. Scout Life’s kid-approved projects are here to save the day and keep brains (and hands) busy.

These ideas also make great end-of-the-year unit meeting activities.

Check out this roundup of some of our favorite holiday crafts. Bonus: These tutorials will land your kids the perfect homemade gifts for teachers, friends and family.

Try these 7 Scout Life crafts with your kids

  1. Make a Scout-y ornament.
    Your Scouts can put those knot-tying skills to good use as they craft an ornament using the monkey paw knot.
  2. Decorate cookies like a pro.
    The Scout Life team brought in a professional cookie decorator to help your kids make their culinary creations look better than ever!
  3. Make an adorable snowman.
    This tutorial shows Scouts how to create cute winter friends from yarn. These little creations remind us of some our favorite throwback Christmas movies.
  4. DIY winter wreath.
    Want a winter wreath? Don’t buy one. Create one with pipe cleaners and mesh!
  5. Craft a delicious hot chocolate gift.
    This project ends with a delicious and beautiful gift for anyone you need to cross off your list.
  6. Create a snow globe.
    Make a tiny winter wonderland you can hold in your hands.
  7. Fold a pocket joke book for holiday laughs.
    Scout Life is known for some of the best jokes (submitted by youth readers). Your Scouts can take this compilation of our favorite holiday jokes and use the linked template to fold a pocket-sized joke book to keep the family laughing all break long.

Share your favorite crafts in the comments!

What would you add to our list of favorite Scout Life crafts for the holiday season? (It’s true. We have even more ideas for holiday activities.) How do you keep Scouts busy during the holiday break? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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