Everything you need to know about working at a high-adventure base or BSA camp

Staff at the Summit

Each summer, thousands of seasonal staff bring outdoor adventure to life for Scouts from across the world. Ever wondered who makes up this staff?

If you’re older than 18 (or even 15 for many council camps), the answer is people just like you are the professional staff at camps around the country!

Learn how you can have the experience of a lifetime working at one of the Boy Scouts of America’s four high-adventure bases or at one of more than 450 council camps by checking out the perks and requirements of the jobs.

Why serve on staff at a high-adventure base or council camp?

The benefits of a job at Philmont, the Summit, Sea Base and the Northern Tier will be abundantly clear to anyone who’s visited one of the high-adventure bases. You truly can’t beat the locations or adventures surrounding you when you set foot on these legendary Scouting grounds.

The same is true of Scout camps closer to your own backyard. Working at a BSA camp puts you at the epicenter of outdoor adventure and rewarding youth development.

But the perks of the job don’t stop there. Here’s what else makes working at camp the opportunity of a lifetime:

  • A wide range of ages are encouraged to apply! Council camps often hire adults and youth older than 15. The BSA’s national high-adventure bases seek adult staff 18 years or older (and yes, even retirees land jobs at camp).
  • With more than 20,000 positions available, there’s probably a perfect fit for you. Depending on your age, training or interests, you could serve in a role like manning a ropes course with other trained adults. Or if you come from a medical background, you could be serving in a capacity that puts those skills to use.
  • These positions are incredible resume builders. You never know when your summer serving on the staff at Philmont will strike an impressive chord with a potential employer. Or your seasonal position at the Summit could set you on a path to make working at camp a lifelong career.
  • Camps offer a variety of schedules to fit your availability. While most camps staff up considerably for the summer months, they also need some seasonal staff all-year long.
  • You’ll love your downtime. Most staffers have the chance to explore one-of-a-kind scenery and facilities in their free hours. That means hiking, canoeing, snorkeling, zip lining, and way more at your fingertips!
  • Compensation is a weekly salary based on your role and skillset. Each location is different and the best way to learn more about potential earnings is to apply.

Who can apply to serve on staff at high-adventure bases and council camps?

As we mentioned, while high-adventure bases offer employment for those 18 and older, council camps often have staff opportunities for youth older than 15.

Each position’s requirements are unique and tailored to serve the best program possible to the youth of Boy Scouts of America. To find out more about a job that can greatly impact your life and the lives of countless Scouts, check out each of the high-adventure base career boards.

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