Happy Friday! A frog in a BSA uniform, plus other good news from this week

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Scouts BSA troop sponsors town sculpture of frog … wearing a Scout uniform!

The town of Windsor, Virginia, is known for its impressive frog population, due to the area’s heavy, damp soil.

To celebrate, the town commissioned three frog statues … and one of them — sponsored by a local troop — is wearing a Scout uniform.

Learn more about this unique effort in this story from the Windsor Weekly.

Scout with autism creates accessible toys for children with disabilities

Thomas Keenan, a Scouts BSA member in Nebraska, took a batch of regular children’s toys and modified them to make them easier to use for kids with disabilities.

“Some of the toys today will have really small buttons, and they [children] might not have the accuracy of their motor skills to press those buttons,” says the doctor with whom Thomas worked. “We’re turning these into adapted toys by adding in a headphone jack that will activate the toy the way it is supposed to be, but just with bigger buttons and more accessible options. That way the kid can continue to play with the toys and continue that growth.”

Read more about Thomas’ project in this story from Fox42 in Omaha.

Scout troop helps town retire American flags

Respectfully retiring used and worn American flags is a great way a Scout unit can help the community. Cub Scouts and Scouts BSA members from Marathon, Florida, took that to a whole other level, retiring more than 700 flags no longer fit for use.

See pictures and learn more about the project in this story from Keys Weekly.

Six Kansas brothers all earn the rank of Eagle Scout

The oldest, 35, earned his two decades ago.

The most recent, 14, earned his earlier this month.

Read more about this remarkable family in this article from The Leaven newspaper in Kansas City.

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