Reach more people with Country Meats’ new fundraising method

If you’re hungry for a safe and easy fundraiser that can boost your unit’s profits, you can’t make a more delicious decision than going with Country Meats. A family-run business since 1978, the company offers 12-plus flavors of smoked snacks that Scouts can sell for $1 each. You keep 45% of the profits.

Traditionally, Scouts would buy cases of 144 snacks and sell the individual snacks, often in front of a retail store or door-to-door. They also could take pre-orders and distribute them when the cases arrived.

Now, Scouts have a third option. Last September, Country Meats launched a contactless fundraising method. Simply create an account and opt-in to this option. You will receive a unique URL and QR code that you can share via text message, email and social media. You can also obtain a virtual flyer to help in your selling. Your supporters will order online and Country Meats will ship their snacks directly to them. Then, the company will send you a check with your Scout’s fundraising profits.

Your Scout can still sell the traditional ways. This new contactless method provides another way to connect with supporters, which can be especially helpful when selling online or reaching out to friends or family who don’t live nearby.

Tasty flavors

Country Meats offers a dozen different meaty flavors, ranging from sweet to spicy. Each high-protein, low-carb snack is smoked for 18 hours, ensuring every bite is flavorful. There’s a taste for everyone.

The company releases a new flavor every year. Last year, it was a kid-favorite: Chili Cheese, a blend of mild peppery chili and a smooth, melted cheddar. This year, it’s Sweet Fire, an appetizing mixture of honey, brown sugar and spices. Click here to see all of the flavors currently available.

When you order a case, you can select up to six different flavors. Each case comes with six bags, each with 24 snacks, for a total of 144 sticks. For supporters buying through the contactless method, they must purchase at least one bag of smoked sticks, which costs $35 and then $25 for any additional bags.

Patches and shirts

Every spring and fall, Country Meats has a T-shirt promotion while supplies last for traditional sellers. If you order three cases, you get a free shirt; six cases, two free shirts. Each have options of cool designs and colors. So, set up an account now for the latest T-shirts.

Scouts who sell a certain amount of Country Meats snacks can earn patches and prizes. The more a Scout sells, the more exclusive patch they can get:

24 sticks = Squad Patch

144 sticks (1 case) = Hero Patch

432 sticks (3 cases) = Copperhead Snake Patch and Hat

720 sticks (5 cases) = Cobra Snake Patch

1,440 sticks (10 cases) = King Snake Patch and embroidered tactical backpack

2,880 sticks (20 cases) = Midnight Sequoia Patch and a smart watch

4,320 sticks (30 cases) = Summit Patch and custom embroidered jacket

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Michael Freeman, an Eagle Scout, is an associate editor of Scout Life and Scouting magazines.


  1. These guys have been there for us scouts for a long time. Through everything. We love the meats and the customer service and our customers love the flavors and the low cost. Thank you Country Meats!

  2. +1 to Country Meats. Great products, fast and friendly service, and the price point is an easy seller. At roughly $0.42 profit per stick sold, the scouts have to sell a fair amount to offset costs of whatever it is they want to put the money towards, but given a $1 price point it isn’t hard to sell. We’ve found that some of the scouts (and definitely some of us leaders) end up being the biggest customers as well!

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