Who gets Scouting magazine? Every registered adult leader in the BSA

When Scouting — back then more newsletter than actual magazine — sent out its first issue in 1913, readers were told that they’d receive the publication at no additional cost.

This essential resource for BSA news, inspiration and ideas, Scouting wrote, would be included in a volunteer’s registration fee. But there was a caveat: the offer was only “for the time being.”

Well here we are, 105 years later, and apparently we’re still in “the time being.”

Scouting magazine, the five-times-a-year publication for BSA volunteers, is included in your membership fee. It’s sent to all registered leaders at no extra charge.

Depending on when you registered, you should get your first issue within a few months of joining.

The first issue of Scouting from 1913 (left) and the November-December 2018 issue.

How often is Scouting magazine published?

Five times a year, on this schedule:

  • January-February
  • March-April
  • May-June
  • September-October
  • November-December

Each issue shows up in mailboxes the final week of the month before the publication date. For example: the upcoming November-December 2018 issue will begin arriving in mailboxes at the end of this week.

What’s in Scouting magazine?

A timely mix of news, expert advice and time-tested tips to make you a better Scout leader.

In addition to features about Scout outings, service projects and high-adventure trips, each issue of Scouting includes these departments:

  • What I’ve Learned: A Q&A with an experienced Scouter
  • Scouting FAQs: Scouting award and advancement questions answered
  • Cub Scout Corner: Vital info for Cub Scout den leaders and Cubmasters
  • Ethics: An ethical problem to be discussed by Venturers and older Scouts
  • Your Kids: Timely tips on parenting in a 21st-century family
  • Merit Badge Clinic: How to liven up merit badge instructions for today’s Scout
  • Gear: Must-have gear items for Scouting adventures
  • Health & Wellness: Tips to keep you healthy and happy while Scouting
  • Survive This!: The right way to handle emergencies in the outdoors
  • Ground Rules: Camping tips for your next Scouting outing
  • Trail Guide: An insider’s guide to top outdoors destinations
  • Scouting Safety Quiz: An interactive way to test your knowledge about safety
  • Cool Camps: A look at one of the nation’s best Scout camps
  • Scouters in Action: A true tale of an adult volunteer who saved a life

What if I’m not getting my copy of Scouting?

You have three options to change your address or report any problems with your subscription:

  • Use the form at this link.
  • Call 1-866-584-6589
  • Send a letter to this address:
    Subscriber Services
    Scouting Magazine (S270)
    P.O. Box 152401
    Irving, TX 75015-2401

What if I’m not a registered leader but would like to get Scouting?

We’ve got you covered.

If you’re the parent of a Scout but aren’t a registered leader (and therefore don’t get the magazine automatically), you can subscribe to Scouting magazine for $15 a year if you live in the U.S. or $25 a year if you live outside the country.

This offer extends to members of the community, Scouting friends and supporters, educators, public officials, and anyone else interested in this valuable resource.

Does Scouting have an app?

Yes! I’m so glad you asked.

For just $4.99 per year (not per month), you get access to the complete Scouting archives — from that first issue in 1913 to the latest issue fresh off the presses.

Just search “Scouting magazine” on the App Store, Google Play or Amazon Kindle store.

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