Scouts Then and Now, Chapter 12

Jeffrey, Hayden and Hunter from Michigan

Welcome to Scouts Then and Now, a Bryan on Scouting blog series. The premise is simple. I share two photos of the same Scout or Venturer: once in his or her early Scouting years (Cub Scout, younger Boy Scout, younger Venturer) and again in his or her later Scouting years (Life Scout, Eagle Scout, older Venturer).

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Jake from Oregon
Matthew from California
Tyler from Florida
Sven from Virginia
David and Noah from New Jersey
Jeffrey, Hayden and Hunter from Michigan
Elijah from Minnesota
Jake from Illinois
Ryan and Sean from California
Jonathan (with Ben) from Colorado


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  1. I became an Eagle some 60 years ago and feel that I have used a lot of what I learned in Scouting in my life. You will look back at these years and draw on them for the rest of your life.

  2. Yes that is true some may say it is a bit sad looking back and may be in a good way. I have been with the program since 2012 and I have learned greatly. From a venturer and now being a assistant scoutmaster and den leader. Its learing for a life time.

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