With documentary, Eagle Scout on a mission to save the mountain caribou

Scouting inspired Marcus Reynerson to become a naturalist, conservationist and environmental educator.

And now Reynerson wants to use those talents to save a species. Reynerson and his colleagues are trying to prevent the extinction of the mountain caribou of the Pacific Northwest.

The 1997 Eagle Scout is the pride of Troop 115 from Louisville, Ky. These days, he lives in Seattle and is part of the team behind Last Stand: The Vanishing Caribou Rainforest. The 25-minute documentary premieres this summer.

“I was fortunate to have a troop that emphasized time outdoors as critical to healthy growth as a person,” Reynerson says. “My years working in the conservation department at Philmont were pivotal in helping me see that this was a passion of mine. My four years there crystalized this as my life’s work.”

About Last Stand

Through visually stunning imagery and dire prognostications, Last Stand takes you into the shrinking world of the mountain caribou. The word “mountain” refers to their migration to high alpine peaks each winter.

Washington state’s only remaining herd — which roams the Selkirk Mountains along the Washington-Canada border — has dwindled to just 14.

Finding and photographing them wasn’t easy, and that’s part of what attracted Reynerson to the project.

“When photographer and author David Moskowitz asked me to join him in his efforts to document one of the most elusive large mammals on the continent, I was excited,” Reynerson says.

Reynerson is an associate producer on the film. He worked behind the camera to gather images and footage. He also investigated the culture of the people who live in mountain caribou country.

The documentary will explore “the critical human choices that will ultimately decide the fate of this stunning ecosystem,” according to the film’s description.

Here’s a trailer:

Learn more

Find more at the film’s official website. To contact Marcus, email him.

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