Starbucks needs to introduce these 5 Scouting-themed Frappuccino flavors

This much I know to be true: Starbucks needs more Scouting-themed Frappuccino flavors.

The coffee chain offers a seasonal drink called the S’mores Frappuccino, which blends marshmallow-infused whipped cream, milk chocolate sauce and a graham cracker crumble.

It’s a campfire in a cup, and it’s quite tasty. That’s a good start, but here are five other flavors Starbucks must add to its menu immediately.

Peach Cobbler Frappuccino

This staple of Dutch oven cooking blends peaches, cinnamon, brown sugar and other ingredients into a gooey, delicious dessert.

A version of this you can enjoy through a straw? I’d buy one.

If the decision-makers at Starbucks need a recipe to convince them this is a good idea, here’s this beloved one from Scouting magazine.

Trail Mix Frappuccino

Dried fruit, nuts, chocolate and anything else you can munch on while hiking. That’s what makes a good trail mix.

To make a good Trail Mix Frappuccino? Just throw all that stuff in the blender and see what happens.

For ideas on what to put in the trail mix, check out this essential Boys’ Life guide.

Monkey Bread Frappuccino

Another Dutch oven favorite among Scouts is monkey bread — a mouthwatering breakfast concoction of baked, bite-size cinnamon dough.

For the drinkable version, Starbucks could take the best elements of monkey bread (cinnamon and brown sugar) and blend them with coffee. The twist would be the topping: monkey bread crumbles.

Maple Pancake Frappuccino

As a Scout, I loved making pancakes with my patrol. If it was Saturday morning, we were flipping flapjacks.

Maple-flavored coffee is already a thing, and this Frappuccino would add little bits of actual pancake to that pleasant pairing.

The only downside: Starbucks would need to supply extra-wide straws for maximum pancake enjoyment.

Caramel Popcorn Frappuccino

A little salty and a little sweet, a caramel popcorn drink could be a lot good.

The Scouts are known for selling popcorn, so this one’s a great fit.

Oh, and idea: a portion of every purchase benefits local Scouting? (It doesn’t hurt to ask!)

Now it’s your turn

What Scouting-themed Frappuccino flavors would you add to this list? Make your case in the comments.

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