Boy Scout wins ‘MacGyver’ sweepstakes grand prize: a trip to the set

Lucas Till, who plays MacGyver, hangs out on the set with the big winner.
Justin Hires, who plays Wilt Bozer, sits with Jake.

Leave it to MacGyver to craft a way inside an impossible-to-reach location.

Jake G., a Boy Scout from Troop 565 of Round Rock, Texas, won the grand prize in the CBS MacGyver Challenge: Scout Edition, hosted by Boys’ Life magazine.

His reward: a trip the MacGyver set in Atlanta and a pizza party with his troop.

Jake is a big fan of the show, so the Atlanta adventure was the trip of a lifetime. And it didn’t disappoint.

The Scout and his dad/Scout leader, Randall, hung out with stars of the CBS show, including Lucas Till (Angus “Mac” MacGyver), George Eads (Jack Dalton), Justin Hires (Wilt Bozer), Tristin Mays (Riley Davis) and Meredith Eaton (Matty Webber).

After meeting the stars, they put on headphones and sat in folding canvas chairs to watch some scenes with the director. Jake even got to operate the slate (“clapperboard”) that indicates when a take begins. Once back home, Jake even appeared on TV himself.

Jake learned about the sweepstakes in the October issue of Boys’ Life magazine, and he brought his copy to the set. That’s a good reminder that you should read Boys’ Life magazine and check out for more great chances to win cool prizes.

Speaking of things to watch, be sure to tune in to MacGyver on Fridays 8/7c on CBS. Of course, if you haven’t been keeping up, you can catch up online now.

More photos from the MacGyver visit

George Eads, who plays Jack Dalton, shows Jake around the set.
George Eads talks with Jake and his dad, Randall.
Jake and his dad watch the show’s taping in progress.
Action! Jake gets the take started right.
Jake learned about the contest in Boys’ Life magazine.
Jake and Randall watch Lucas Till being interviewed by a local CBS crew.
Jack got to meet Tristin Mays, who plays Riley Davis on MacGyver.
Jack strikes a pose with MacGyver‘s Meredith Eaton, who plays Matty Webber.

Jake’s pizza party

Jake treated his fellow members of Troop 565 to some pizza and some sweet MacGyver swag.

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