American Hiking Society has a deal for 2016 high-adventure base attendees

If your Summer of Scouting 2016 included (or will include) a trip to a BSA high-adventure base, you’re pretty lucky.

And not just because you experienced the adventure of a lifetime in New Mexico, Florida, Minnesota, Canada or West Virginia.

The American Hiking Society has a special offer for participants of 2016 high-adventure programs at Philmont, Sea Base, Northern Tier or the Paul R. Christen High Adventure Base at the Summit Bechtel Reserve.

Scouts and Scouters can get a membership to the American Hiking Society — normally $40 — for just $10. Membership comes with benefits: tips about backpacking, camping and hiking; gear reviews; and a one-year digital subscription to Backpacker magazine. All that while helping the American Hiking Society’s mission of protecting the places you love to explore.

If you attended one of those four national high-adventure bases in 2016, you qualify. Use the links below to get started.

The BSA and the American Hiking Society are natural allies, and each year the BSA helps promote the society’s National Trails Day, which was June 4, 2016.

This new opportunity only strengthens that relationship.

Hat tip: Thanks to Scott Beckett for the blog post idea.

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