This letter from LeBron James to a new Eagle Scout is a slam dunk

LeBron James is a busy guy. There’s the near-constant training and practice. There are the NBA games several nights a week. The endorsement deals and commercials and appearances. The enormous amounts of charity work.

So you can imagine Eagle Scout Joseph LaConte’s surprise when he opened an envelope to reveal a letter from the NBA superstar.

James was writing to congratulate Joe on earning Scouting’s highest honor. And this was no form letter, says his grandmother Marty.

It is one of his most cherished letters since Joe knows that LeBron took some time to actually read about Joe’s Eagle project and congratulate him,” she says. “LeBron does a lot to promote education and success of the youth of Akron, so I was not surprised that he responded.”

Understandably, it took James about five weeks to get back to Joe. But his words made the wait worth it.

“It’s very encouraging to see youth in the community making an impact,” James wrote. “Hard work pays off!”

Here’s the full letter.


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  1. Typically requests for such letters of accolade are sent by the Troop Committee,
    Advancement Chairperson, Scoutmaster, or parents. I always try to get one from a person that is connected in some way to the Eagle Scout’s career aspirations, favorite sports team, or some other individual the scout has an admiration for. It’s hard work, but when you get a special one back that means something special to the youth receiving it, all the effort is well worth it.

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