Read Stephen Colbert’s letter to an Eagle Scout

Earning the Eagle Scout award is “quite an achievement,” says Stephen Colbert. But more than that, writes The Late Show host, earning Eagle is “the first steppingstone toward having your own TV show.”

That’s how “Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A.” begins a hilariously awesome congratulatory letter to a newly minted Eagle Scout.

The letter provides plenty of laughs — plus a glimpse at Colbert’s feelings about Scouting. Read it below. At the bottom you’ll find the mailing address for the show — a place to send your own fan mail to this famous fan of Scouting. 


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  1. Bryan, do you know what (if any) Scouting background Mr. Colbert has? Was he a Scout as a youth? Would be interesting to know.

    • I can’t find anything that says he (Stephen Colbert) was a Scout himself, but when asked what he did during the time between his old show and the new one, he indicated, “My daughter is in college but I’ve got two boys at home. I helped my son go buy wood for his Eagle Scout project. Pick up the kids from school. Hang out with my wife. Go see some family. Went for an open ocean race, sailed.” So he is obviously familiar with Scouting.

  2. That was suprisingly humble. He could have put his name as:
    Dr. Stephen T. Colbert, D.F.A. (Doctorate of Fine Arts), D.H.L (Doctorate of Humane Letters), D.A. (Doctorate of Arts), Emmy-award winner (x3), Person of the Year, Grammy-award winner… I could go on, but I’d be writing for the next 20 minutes.

    Seriously, though, he’s awesome and I hope he has much success in life. If he wanted to run for President again in 4 years, I’d definitely vote for him. I hope he picks up a lot of mainstream voters in the meantime by virtue of his current show.

    Colbert as President is like democracy. It’s definitely not the best political system, but so far we haven’t found a better one.

    • Not only is he on TV, he got a promotion. 🙂 He’s got David Letterman’s desk now.

      Here’s hoping he enjoys 25 more years of writing congrats to new Eagles.

  3. For those of you who only watch the Comedy Channel where Stephen Colbert left after having his own show for 10 years, Colbert is now on CBS, having replaced David Letterman who isn’t still on TV. He still does some political satire, but that is just a small part of his new show.

  4. There is no listing under the name Stephen Colbert in the National Eagle Scout Association ( directory of over 2 million Eagle Scouts.

  5. Loved the Endorsement for the Scouting Organization……we are a charity that gives youth a four day solo camping experience and have had Eagle Scouts volunteer to help, they are the best of the best!
    Lee Eskdale
    Edmonton, Alberta

  6. That’s great – I request the letters for out Eagle Scouts and have tried several times to get a letter from Mr.
    Colbert and he has never responded.

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