Keep your camp kitchen clean when cooking with eggs

When it comes to front-country camping breakfasts, you can’t beat eggs. Well, unless you’re making pancakes.

What’s inside that little oval can be scrambled, poached, fried or turned into boil-in-bag omelets.

Things take a turn after the plates are licked clean and it’s time for clean-up. If you’re not smart, you’ll be scrubbing the picnic table and picking up bits of eggshell forever.

But you will be smart. Because you know about this simple camp hack.

Scouting volunteer Larry Green, who has shared his camping tricks before, is back with a tip for keeping things clean when cooking with eggs.

It’s so simple I wish I had thought of it.

1. Crack the egg on a flat surface (not the edge of the pan or bowl).

This Lifehacker article — and Scouter Larry Green — recommend cracking the egg on a flat surface.

That way you’ll minimize contaminant exposure and keep bits of shell out of your food.


2. Drop the egg’s contents into the pot, pan or bowl.


3. Return the whole egg shell to the carton. This is the crucial step.


4. When you’ve used all the eggs and returned them to their slots, close the carton and dispose of it responsibly.



Your turn

Have a camping hack? Send it to me — with photos!

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