21 Scouting cartoons from 1968

Cartoon-1968-Cooking-Get-WellA percussive wake-up call, (mis)adventures in camp cooking and a Scout a little too eager to practice his first-aid skills are among the hilarious subjects in this latest batch of Scouting cartoons.

This time it’s all about 1968, and I found 21 great Scouting-themed cartoons printed in Scouting magazine that year.

This is stop No. 4 in our tour of Scouting cartoons of the 1960s. So far I’ve shared cartoons from 1960-63, 1964-66 and 1967.

By the way, I found all of these in the Scouting magazine online archives, available for free here.

Take a look at the cartoons, and tell me which ones still ring true today. 

Cartoon-1968-Oversleep Cartoon-1968-Chopped-Meat Cartoon-1968-Get-The-Guide Cartoon-1968-First-Class-Cooking Cartoon-1968-Cooking-Get-Well Cartoon-1968-Climb-On Cartoon-1968-Bears Cartoon-1968-Art-Museum Cartoon-1968-1000-Mile-Checkup Cartoon-1968-Litter Cartoon-1968-Malaria Cartoon-1968-Bear-chase Cartoon-1968-Moonlight-hike Cartoon-1968-Pizza Cartoon-1968-Drum Cartoon-1968-Crossing-Street Cartoon-1968-First-Aid Cartoon-1968-On-My-Honor Cartoon-1968-Scouting-My-Thing Cartoon-1968-Tenderfoot Cartoon-1968-Fire-Alarm

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