‘There Is No App for This’ T-shirt shows off what’s right about Scouting

Sure, smartphone apps can enhance the Scouting experience in some ways. But one thing’s clear: those little apps for your phone or tablet will never replace the Scouting experience the way they’ve replaced things like GPS devices, cameras and MP3 players.

I’m a big gadget guy, but I know the essence of Scouting, including outdoor experiences a young person can’t get anywhere else, will never be usurped by something with a battery.

This thought occurred to me the other day when I was browsing around ScoutStuff.org — as one does — and came across this T-shirt. Its message, “There Is No App for This,” is too great not to share. 

OK, so the $17 T-shirt does contain a little technology of the moisture-wicking variety. But everything else — especially its message — is blissfully analog.

What about you? What does Scouting offer you and your Scout or Venturer that’s not available in app form? Let me know in the comments.

Hat tip: Thanks to the BSA Supply Team’s Donna Ryan and Alicia Reese for the info.

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