Eagle Scout Class of 2014, by the numbers

Seeing one young man finish the journey toward becoming an Eagle Scout is an awesome sight. Even if you’ve never met this new Eagle Scout, you know Scouting has prepared him to become a future leader, a quality husband and an all-around great guy.

Now multiply that by 51,820.

That’s how many young men became Eagle Scouts in 2014. That’s 51,820 reasons to feel pretty good about the future of our country.

Here are some quick facts about the 2014 Eagle Scout class:

Average age of 2014 Eagle Scouts

The average age of Eagle Scouts in the 2014 class was 17.31 years.

That’s slightly up from the 2013 average of 17.24 years.

Eagle Scout service project hours

Every 2014 Eagle Scout completed an Eagle Scout service project, and the combined number of hours put in for those selfless acts of service was 8,127,532 hours.

Value of Eagle project hours

If the estimated value of volunteer time is $22.55 per hour, that means Eagle Scouts and the volunteers they led provided $183.3 million worth of service to their communities.

The Eagle Scouts of 2014 say, “You’re welcome, America.”

Hours served per Eagle project

The average number of project hours per Eagle Scout last year was 156.84 hours.

That’s slightly down from the 2013 average of 164.44 hours per project.

Number of Eagle Scouts per year, recent years

  • 2010: 56,176
  • 2011: 51,473
  • 2012: 58,659
  • 2013: 56,841
  • 2014: 51,820

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Hat tip: Thanks to the BSA’s Mike Lo Vecchio for the numbers.

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