16 Eagle Scouts with Super Bowl ties

Last update: Feb. 6, 2017

Scouting’s highest honor, meet pro football’s highest honor. With the Super Bowl approaching fast, I thought I’d share this list of 16 Eagle Scouts with Super Bowl ties.

Here’s the list, including the year they earned Scouting’s highest honor.

  • A “DESA” by their name indicates they received the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award.
  • An “HOF” means they’re a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

DJ Tialavea FalconsD.J. Tialavea, 2009 Eagle

Super Bowl appearances: 1

  • LI (2016 season) as tight end for the Falcons, lost

Current team: Atlanta Falcons

More: Tialavea didn’t take the field in Super Bowl LI, but you can expect to see the name of this rising star in the future. Read more about Tialavea here.

Aaron Brewer BroncosAaron Brewer, 2008 Eagle

Super Bowl appearances: 2

  • 50 (2015 season) as long snapper for the Broncos, won
  • XLVIII (2013 season) as long snapper for the Broncos, lost

Current team: Arizona Cardinals

More: Read more about the former Broncos’ long snapper here.

Matt ParadisMatt Paradis, 2008 Eagle

Super Bowl appearances: 1

  • 50 (2015 season) as an offensive lineman for the Broncos, won

Current team: Denver Broncos

More: Read more about the Broncos’ center here.

deveyJordan Devey, 2006 Eagle

Super Bowl appearances: 1

  • XLIX (2014 season) as an offensive lineman for the Patriots, won

Current team: Kansas City Chiefs

More: He appeared in seven games in the 2014 championship season for the Patriots, and while he didn’t get any playing time in Super Bowl XLIX, his football future looks bright. Devey played college football at Memphis, where he started for two seasons and received the DeAngelo Williams Most Valuable Player Award.

collieAustin Collie, 2004 Eagle

Super Bowl appearances: 1

  • XLIV (2009 season) as wide receiver for the Colts, lost

Super Bowl team: Indianapolis Colts

More: Collie had six catches for 66 yards in the Colts’ 31-17 loss to the New Orleans Saints in Super Bowl XLIV. Collie was born in Canada and played college football at Brigham Young University before being drafted by the Colts in 2009. He played for the New England Patriots during the 2013 season and is a free agent.

lewisAndy Lewis, 2002 Eagle

Super Bowl appearances: 1

  • XLVI (2011 season) as halftime entertainment

Team: n/a

More: Instead of pads and a helmet, Lewis wore funky sandals and a toga during his Super Bowl XLVI halftime appearance. Lewis, the curly haired acrobat who is credited with bringing slacklining into the mainstream, starred with Madonna in the memorable performance. Learn more in my postgame interview with Lewis. (And by the way, slacklining is an approved BSA activity.)

pittaDennis Pitta, 2000 Eagle

Super Bowl appearances: 1

  • XLVII (2012 season) as tight end for the Ravens, won

Current team: Baltimore Ravens

More: Pitta helped the Ravens win Super Bowl XLVII over the San Francisco 49ers. Pitta had a touchdown catch in the big game, which was no surprise after the great season he had. Pitta’s Super Bowl-winning season was his best so far. He played in every game and racked up 669 yards and seven touchdowns. Pitta’s 2013 and 2014 seasons were cut short by injury, but in February 2014 he got a big contract extension from the Ravens, meaning we’ll be seeing more of Pitta.

chad-lewisChad Lewis, 1986 Eagle (DESA)

Super Bowl appearances: 1

  • XXXIX (2004 season) as tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles, lost (did not play because of injury)

Super Bowl team: Philadelphia Eagles

More: Lewis has two near-misses when it comes to Super Bowls. He started the 1999 season on the St. Louis Rams roster, but he was waived nine games into the season. The Rams went on to win Super Bowl XXXIV. Later, with the Eagles, he scored two touchdowns in the team’s win over the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC Championship. But on the second touchdown catch he fractured his left foot and had to sit out for Super Bowl XXXIX. Had his Eagles won, he would’ve earned a Super Bowl ring. Lewis received the Distinguished Eagle Scout Award last year.

Kevin Greene, 1978 Eagle (HOF)

Super Bowl appearances: 2

  • XXX (1995 season) as linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, lost
  • XLV (2010 season) as outside linebackers coach for the Green Bay Packers, won

Suber Bowl teams: Pittsburgh Steelers, Green Bay Packers

More: Greene was elected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016. He recorded 160 career sacks as a linebacker — the third most in NFL history. Joe Montana, John Elway, Dan Marino and Brett Favre all dropped to the turf under Greene’s crushing weight. He went to five Pro Bowls, was named to the NFL’s 1990s All-Decade Team and helped the Pittsburgh Steelers win the 1995 AFC Championship. He also had a brief professional wrestling career in the mid-1990s.

whisenhuntKen Whisenhunt, 1976 Eagle

Super Bowl appearances: 2

  • XL (2005 season) as offensive coordinator of the Steelers, won
  • XLIII (2008 season) as head coach of the Cardinals, lost

Super Bowl teams: Arizona Cardinals, Pittsburgh Steelers

More: Whisenhunt played college football at Georgia Tech and pro football with the Atlanta Falcons, Washington Redskins and New York Jets. He spent six seasons as head coach of the Cardinals, was head coach of the Tennessee Titans and currently serves as offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Chargers. Read my interview with Whisenhunt here.

john-spagnolaJohn Spagnola, 1973 Eagle

Super Bowl appearances: 1

  • XV (1980 season) as tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles, lost

Super Bowl team: Philadelphia Eagles

More: Spagnola, who earned the Eagle Scout award as a member of Troop 52 in Bethlehem, Pa., went to Yale University, where he left as the all-time leading receiver in receptions (88) and yards (1554). During his 10-year NFL career, he made it to the big game once: after the 1980 season. He caught one pass for 22 yards in the team’s 27-10 loss to the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XV.

mcloughlinPeter McLoughlin, 1971 Eagle (DESA)

Super Bowl appearances: 2

  • XLVIII (2013 season) as president of the Seahawks, won
  • XLIX (2014 season) as president of the Seahawks, lost

Super Bowl team: Seattle Seahawks

More: McLoughlin is in his sixth season as president of the Seahawks. He’s in charge of all financial and business operations, sales and marketing, sponsorship, and administration. Read more in my interview with McLoughlin.

emery-mooreheadEmery Moorehead, 1969 Eagle (DESA)

Super Bowl appearances: 1

  • XX (1985 season) as tight end for the Chicago Bears, won

Super Bowl team: Chicago Bears

More: Moorehead played 12 seasons in the NFL, including his final eight with the Bears. He was on the Super Bowl XX-winning Chicago Bears team that was famous for its “Super Bowl Shuffle” song, though it doesn’t appear Moorehead himself appeared in the video. He had two catches for 22 yards in the Bears’ 46-10 win over the New England Patriots. After his NFL career ended, Moorehead served Scouting. He’s on the Board of Directors of the Northeast Illinois Council.

gaileyChan Gailey, 1966 Eagle

Super Bowl appearances: 4

  • XXI (1986 season) as special teams/tight ends coach of the Broncos, lost
  • XXII (1987 season) as tight ends/receivers coach of the Broncos, lost
  • XXIV (1989 season) as offensive coordinator of the Broncos, lost
  • XXX (1995 season) as wide receivers coach of the Steelers, lost

Super Bowl teams: Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers

More: Gailey’s coaching career has taken him to some of the NFL’s big-name teams, including the Pittsburgh Steelers and Dallas Cowboys. He recently served as head coach of the Buffalo Bills and then retired after serving as offensive coordinator of the New York Jets.

baughanMaxie Baughan, 1952 Eagle

NFL Championship appearances: 

  • 1960 as linebacker for the Eagles, won

Super Bowl team: Philadelphia Eagles

More: Baughan’s career began in the pre-Super Bowl era, but he makes this list because he helped the Philadelphia Eagles beat Vince Lombardi’s Green Bay Packers to win the 1960 NFL Championship game during his rookie season. (The first Super Bowl was in 1967.) Baughan had an 11-year career in the NFL, primarily with the Eagles and the Los Angeles Rams, and was named to the Pro Bowl nine times.

malavasiRay Malavasi, 1944 Eagle (DESA)

Super Bowl appearances: 1

  • XIV (1979 season) as head coach of the Los Angeles Rams, lost

Team: Los Angeles Rams

More: Malavasi was head coach of the Los Angeles Rams from 1978 to 1982, and he led the team to Super Bowl XIV. The Rams lost that game to the Pittsburgh Steelers, giving up two touchdowns to Franco Harris in the 31-19 defeat.

Honorable mention

  • Tom Mack (1960 Eagle), a Distinguished Eagle Scout who played his entire career as left guard for the Los Angeles Rams. He retired in 1978 and was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 1999. His career was legend, but he never made it to the Super Bowl.

Know of any others?

Did I miss any Eagle Scouts who have appeared in the Super Bowl? Let me know in the comments and I can verify their Eagle Scout status.


    • Emery Moorehead has been an extremely active member of the Northeast Illinois Council Executive Board for many years. In that role he has put together a golf outing for years that raised substantial funds for the council. He has been a very public and visible force for Scouting. (He’s the only one named who is local, so can’t comment on the others)

  1. OK, so, referring to a blog you posted earlier/ a WHOLE article on the president of the Seahawks…you yourself said that you would write an article on a New England Patriots player that had Eagle Scout ties. You yourself found one, you listed him above. So where is the article? We as leaders are supposed to give things a fair shake until proven otherwise. You, by your own words, have done the opposite by providing an article on the president of the Seahawks in the middle of a controversy plaguing their opposition that has not even had the investigations completed. Shame on you, Bryan on Scouting…

    • The difference is I was able to talk to McLoughlin on the phone at length about his Scouting ties. I’m not in Phoenix, so I couldn’t talk to Devey before the game. And if you interpret my posting an interview with McLoughlin as my taking sides in “a controversy plaguing their opposition,” you’re sorely off base.

      • I got to this site by looking for NHL players and hockey players that are Eagle Scouts. did not find that data yet, but surely there are some! 😉 The NFL data is fascinating to discover, thanks for this hard to come by information.

        • W.r.t. NHL Eagle Scout toes, John Whitehead, the former owner of the NJ Devils was an Eagle Scout and sn active supporter of scouting with both time and money

    • Patriots fans really letting their feelings get hurt this week. Get over it – Scouting is about teaching resilience.

      GO ‘HAWKS!

    • Why the negativity Jody? A suggestion for positive action, write the article for Bryan and send it to him. Let’s see some positive action not rock throwing, assuming you’re and Eagle Scout and all that. Please reply.
      Best Regards,

    • Rich, I really wanted to find proof that Rayfield Wright is an Eagle Scout! But the National Office has no record of him, meaning (1) his record was never submitted to national or (2) he just might not be an Eagle Scout.

  2. Brian Sexton DESA; radio voice of the Jacksonville Jaguars for the first 19 years of the franchise; and current Jaguars Senior Correspondent. He is a 2014 North Florida Council Silver Beaver nominee. The Jaguars lost to the Titans in 1999 AFC Championship game and missed the Super Bowl.

  3. I found another one but I don’t think you would want to include him due to his off the field actions. He did not live up to the Boy Scout image even though he was supposed to have earned his Eagle.

    • Tim, we weren’t able to find him in the Eagle Scout records. That could mean (1) his record was never submitted to national or (2) he just might not be an Eagle Scout.

  4. Regarding the BSA records on Eagle Scouts (see Tom Matte comment), I belive thatthe records are incomplete.

    In the late 90’s I worked on a project for the Greater Western Reserve Council to collect a complete list of our Eagles.

    The Council is an amalgam of three councils. Each council had different records. The records were spotty with one council loosing a significant number of records in a flood

    With the guidance and endorsement of the council exec I worked with NESA and the national office to get data dumps of Eagles to fill in the holes. No luck. I was told that there is no comprehensive, complete record of Eagle Scouts.

    I don’t think you can dismiss someone just because the BSA has no record given what seems to be an imperfect collection of data.

    BTW, I was able to glean a list of over 5000 names that and validated over 3000 for the project.

    I am curious if NESA is the keeper of the Eagle roll call?

    • True point, Chuck. Older records could have been lost or misplaced. I believe NESA has the most complete record, but when you’re talking more than 2 million Eagle Scouts in history, some probably slipped through the cracks.

  5. Rayfield Wright played with the Cowboys and has 3 Super Bowl rings. I have tried those rings on during his visit to the Buckeye Council in Canton Ohio during Hall of Fame week. I believe that he is a Distiguished Eagle Scout for his charity work.

    • I’m getting a number of Google hits that Rayfield Wright is an Eagle Scout, but he is not on the DESA list. The available DESA list only covers up to 2013, but he would have been listed in “Scouting”.

  6. Your own words: “Does the thought of cheering for the Patriots leave you feeling a little deflated?” If that’s not taking sides, well, your communication skills leave a lot to be desired. It was pretty clear to me. If you had no intentions of being anything but above board, then why did you even say anything about the Patriots and ‘deflated’ in the same sentence? There are many other ways you could have done a lead-in; and obviously you had plenty of time to interview the Seahawk’s president…again, your words: “I was able to talk to McLoughlin on the phone at length about his Scouting ties.” Sorely mistaken? I don’t think so, your own words gave you away. The pathetic gesture of a Tom Brady article in Boy’s Life you posted a couple of hours after the interview is years old. Actions speak louder than words, and yours certainly have (as well as your words) given you away.

  7. Timothy Patrick Heming. Now a n Eagle Scout, assisted along with his troop to prep the Phx stadium prior to the last Super Bowl. In AZ

  8. I’m not sure of any that have worked out but personally I would suggest checking production staff. This only comes from the fact that I know multiple eagles that worked worth me at fast hockey. Com. And at American steel cage mma fights that we also covered.

    • Great point, Anthony. If I could find other Eagle Scouts who have taken part in this billion-dollar industry we call football, I’d love to include them. Please share any tips you find.

  9. His first name is really Larry. That might be why you didn’t find anything about him. His name is Larry Rayfield Wright. Does that change anything?

  10. Bryan,

    nice article on Eagle Scouts. I hope you or your staff would do the same for other Professional Sport BIG EVENTS, such as Stanley Cup, BNA Finals, World Series, Tennis Grand Slam, PGA/Master’s, Olympics, etc..

    I am sure there are Eagle Scouts on similar teams who deserve equal-billing..

    • Agreed. I’m a fan of all sports, so I will certainly be on the lookout for famous Eagle Scouts in those major events. I’ve covered Olympians, World Series Champion Shane Victorino and more. I’m a big hockey fan, but the NHL has so few American players that the chances of one being an Eagle Scout are smaller.

  11. My uncle, John McDonough was the referee in Super Bowl IV in 1970. He earned his Eagle
    in a troop in Pasadena, California.
    Jim Fretz

  12. Is the list of Eagle Scouts available to the public? I’ve got a few suspicions of people with super bowl ties but would love to see the list.

  13. What’s the national average…3% of all boys in scouting achieve the rank of Eagle? This looks like 14% of men who reach the SuperBowl are Eagle Scouts? …Perhaps boys who are choosing sports instead of Scouting should maybe reconsider?

    • That is one topic we told parents when we did the fall roundup for recruiting new cub scouts. I know everyone on here is talking about Eagle Scouts, but my son is only 7 years old so my life is Cub Scouts at the moment. To me, being a Scout looks better on everything then being a Sports player of any kind. Scouts carries you for life, Sports does not always

  14. I am trying to find out if any of the Green Bay Packer players, past or present were in Cub/boy scouts. Is there any way to find out besides here??

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