There’s an Eagle Scout playing in Super Bowl 50

Matt-Paradis-Denver-Broncos-runningUpdate: Paradis and fellow Eagle Scout Aaron Brewer became Super Bowl 50 champions in February 2016.

When Peyton Manning takes his snaps in Super Bowl 50, he’ll be taking the football from an Eagle Scout.

Matt Paradis, starting center for the AFC champion Denver Broncos, is an Eagle Scout, according to National Eagle Scout Association records.

Paradis joins a long list of Eagle Scouts with Super Bowl ties, including Chan Gailey, an assistant coach with the Broncos in the 1980s, and Jordan Devey, a former member of last year’s Super Bowl-winning New England Patriots.

Despite this being his first season, Paradis, the 6-foot-3, 300-pounder, has started every game on the Broncos’ offensive line.

But before he found success on the gridiron — first at Council High School in Idaho and then at Boise State University — Paradis found Scouting success.

He earned Scouting’s highest honor as a member of Troop 319 of the Boise-based Ore-Ida Council. For his Eagle Scout service project, he renovated and enlarged a long-jump pit and shotput area.

How we found Matt Paradis

This discovery wouldn’t have been possible without Jeff Laughlin, office manager for the National Eagle Scout Association. He scoured the Scouting backgrounds of all 162 players and coaches on the current rosters of the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos.

He found one match: No. 61 for the Broncos, Matthew Brian Paradis.

By the way, I reached out to the Broncos last week to see if I could interview Paradis. The team, understandably busy these days, politely declined my request. I’ll try again in the offseason.

Photos courtesy of the Denver Broncos


  1. I work with Jeff Laughlin on a committee in Alumni Relations and he is one great individual. A pleasant young man who is always ready to try and answer a question or E-mail me if he has a question. I’m not at all surprised that he looked into this and found Paradis

  2. Thank goodness only one Eagle Scout is involved. Football is dangerous and should be avoided. Most Eagle Scouts have learned how to care for themselves, mentally and physically, in order to have long and healthy lives. It is a shame to see men abused for public entertainment.

    • This eagle scout is 6’2″ locked n loaded ready for what comes his way .Take a look at how many Navy seals are Eagle Scouts.Be Prepared son!

  3. I always love to read stories like this. I have 2 sons that are Eagle Scouts and one who should be within the year. This is a testament to my telling my boys that you can do many things in life – and do them well. Being in scouts and sports (and band and choir and church and volunteering and …) are not mutually exclusive. You can be a well rounded person – no matter what your friends or teammates say. It is a matter of priorities and time management.

  4. Most sports are dangerous somehow… as are many scouting related activities. You think it’s not dangerous to canoe 50 miles down a river? or hike up a mountain? High-Adventure camps are dangerous. Camping in the cold weather in New England is dangerous. However, “physically fit” and “Mentally strong” demand that we rise to challenges and approach that risk smartly. We make sure that we minimize risk and emphasize safety. Football has come a long way to that end, as has scouting. We build character by teaching how to approach that risk and to overcome challenges with our mind, body and spirit. Thanks for your input, but mocking football and insinuating that it’s not aligned with scouting principals is simply wrong and foolish.

  5. Given the many criminal and near-criminal actions we see from many pro athletes, we could use a few more men of character in the mix. The guy that the whole offense depends on to perform every play ,,, sounds like a job for an Eagle.

  6. The Panthers had another one last year. Brian Folkerts, Speaking from a mother of 4 Eagle Scouts, we could use a few more and maybe bring back some of the morals that come w being and Eagle Scout

  7. I am a very proud grandmother of an Eagle Scout.
    I know hard and dedicated with honor they work to achieve the rank of Egle Scout.
    I love knowing quite a few Football players are Eagle Scoyts.
    My Grandson is still on High school. He is an amazing young man, and has accomplished so much by the age of sixteen.
    Good luck Broncos. I’ll be cheering you on.

  8. I am curious if Brett Keisel is an eagle scout? I was talking to the sales rep today from the Wheeling Nailers and he mentioned it. Our troop is attending scout night at the hockey game and Brett Keisel will be there too.

  9. I value my Eagle Scout badge and certificate,July, 1956, ( signed by President Eisenhower ) more than any other accomplishment i could have received. my congratulations to this young man!!

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