Denver Broncos have two Eagle Scouts on their roster

Aaron Brewer BroncosTurns out the number of Eagle Scouts playing in Super Bowl 50 is twice the number I previously reported.

Earlier this week I told you that Denver Broncos center Matt Paradis is an Eagle Scout. I’m delighted to report there’s another Eagle Scout in the Broncos starting lineup: long snapper Aaron Brewer.

Brewer, who earned Scouting’s highest honor as a member of Troop 1201 of Fullerton, Calif., is in his fourth season with the team.

Like Paradis, Brewer is a center. But instead of playing during offensive possessions, Brewer is on special teams. It’s his job to snap the football a long distance — between 7 and 15 yards — for punts, field goals and extra point attempts. He must do so with precision.

Brewer is considered a specialist — like a kicker or a punter. And he’s really good at his job, as outlined in this Denver Post story.

Brewer excelled, turning a niche skill into a science. On punts, he grabs the laces. On field goals, he grabs he back of the ball, a grip that creates the ideal number of rotations and velocity.

Funny thing about specialists, though, is that you typically only hear about them when they mess up. That’s something to which Broncos punter Britton Colquitt can relate.

“A lot of (specialists) can be very mental. When you look at it, our jobs shouldn’t be overly difficult. But mess up and it’s monumental,” Colquitt said. “I am not jinxing this, because I tell him all the time. He’s never given me a bad snap. He’s so calm and relaxed.”

Brewer became an Eagle Scout on May 21, 2008. He got a scholarship to play football at San Diego State University. And now, he’s making $1 million a year as the Broncos long-snapper and playing in his second Super Bowl.

Once again, it all started in Scouting.

Photo via Denver Broncos

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