Dennis Pitta, Eagle Scout and Baltimore tight end, gets 5-year deal

pitta-standingThey say once you’re an Eagle Scout, you’re one for life.

For Eagle Scout Dennis Pitta, the same may be true about being a Baltimore Raven.

The Super Bowl-winning tight end just signed a five-year deal worth $32 million, according to the Baltimore Sun. Not a bad payday for this Brigham Young University graduate who made time for both Scouting and sports growing up.

After helping his team win Super Bowl XLVII, he chatted with Boys’ Life for the magazine’s Heads Up blog. He said how being an Eagle Scout influenced him.

“From an early age, it teaches you a lot,” he said. “It teaches you about discipline, it teaches you about hard work and being independent and you learn a lot of like skills in that program. It’s helped me throughout my whole career.”

His pride in being an Eagle Scout even shows up in his bio on the Ravens’ official site. That’s a nice touch.

Pitta’s new deal means he’ll wear the purple and gold through at least the 2018 season. The Ravens drafted Pitta in 2010. He sat out much of the 2013 season with a fractured, dislocated right hip but returned to action for the final four games of the year.

I’m not a Ravens fan, but I’ll be cheering on this Eagle Scout as he heads toward more career success.

Pitta photos from Flickr: Standing: Some rights reserved by Jeffrey Beall; Catch: Some rights reserved by Phil Romans

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