What’s the scoop on a white-on-red Order of the Arrow sash?

expertlogo1As if you needed another reason to attend NOAC next summer.

You know the National Order of the Arrow Conference is the OA’s signature event. You know 2015 is the Order of the Arrow’s 100th Anniversary. Right there you’ve got two incredible reasons to attend on Aug. 3-8, 2015, at Michigan State University in East Lansing, Mich.

Here’s reason No. 3 (of about 10,000): Each NOAC participant will get a special-edition red sash. That’s a sash with a white arrow on a red band— or the reverse of what Arrowmen typically wear (seen above).

Scouter Craig Fosburg heard rumors about this sash and contacted me for details. I passed his question along to the expert. Matthew Dukeman, associate director of the Order of the Arrow, provided the official response:

The sash is only available to those who attend NOAC 2015. Full info on the red sash is available on this page.

Please also note (as it is not in the above article) that the images of sashes you have seen online are prototypes. The National OA Committee is still determining whether to have all NOAC 2015 participants have the same sash or if there will be different sashes based on an individual Arrowmen’s current honor.

The official decision will be made by the spring of 2015.

NOAC 2015 Registration

Councils will be receiving a contingent registration packet in the mail during the month of June 2014.

Contingent Registration for NOAC 2015 will open on Aug. 1, 2014

Find details at the NOAC 2015 site.

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  1. At first I liked the idea, but now I’m not so sure. There are A LOT more Arrowmen unable to afford attending NOAC, than there will be attending.

    You’ve also go to know that MANY of these sashes will make their way onto e-Bay, or other auction sites; there will be NO WAY to guarantee they’ll be limited to, and worn only by, those attending NOAC.

    Why can’t we simply have a special patch–approved for wear on the sash–for anyone who was a dues-paying member of the OA in their 100th year?

    • I was actually paid and ready to attend but they limited our Lodge number on how many could attend since other Lodges didn’t make their reservations in time – so we had over 50 people who were BUMPED from attending – therefore, we will not be receiving our sash. And they have already made it to e-bay for well over $45.00 and above. No right at all!!!

  2. I think all that attend should receive the new sash!!! Each boy has the opportunity to go, if they sell popcorn & scout camp cards, or do another fundraiser. My son got approval from school already to attend, that’s how excited he is!!!

  3. A special anniversary patch that can be worn on the sash is in the works with details to be released soon. The sashes will be limited but there is always someone who would rather sell something than keep it as a memento. I’m planning on never selling mine.

  4. So there will be a couple of people that attended a conference running around OA events with special sashes till the end of time. Uniform and brotherhood go out the window. Is it to drive attendance at the conference.

    I hear the following conference will have a red arrow on a black sash, or was that a black arrow on a red sash…. You get the idea.

    And some will pay for their conference by selling the sash on eBay. They might already be listed, let me go check….

  5. Most every Scouting event has participant-only memorabilia – Jamboree patches, Philmont arrowheads, summer camps, etc. There’s already a precedent; a reverse-color OA sash isn’t all that different from the souvenirs we routinely produce for national, regional, area, and local events.

    Hopefully all attendees will heed the instruction to wear them only during the centennial celebration.

    A slight correction – according to the OA website, and based on photos from the national BSA meeting posted on the OA’s social media, it has been decided that attendees will receive a commemorative sash based on their OA membership level.

    • Branden, the article reads “Please also note (as it is not in the above article) that the images of sashes you have seen online are prototypes.” The photos released via social media are the photos being referenced in the article above as prototypes. No decision has been made on the use of all honors or a single honor for the red sashes.

  6. Brothers of Unami Lodge should have a special White on Black Sash as the founding lodge issued in 2015. Without the Unami the OA wouldn’t be the OA we have today. This is something the National Committee should authorize for the founding Lodge. It would be really special if these 100th Anniversary Sashes were bestowed to Unami members at Treasure Island Scout Reservation the Home of the OA. Hey a project idea for the National OA….fix/repair Treasure Island and reopen as a functioning Scout Camp featuring the History & Home of the OA as part of the Camp’s program…wishful thinking.

  7. This is a ridiculous idea. Did the scout uniform flip colors for the 100th anniversary? This sounds like a tacky and flashy stunt. An arrowman should be identified by his actions, not a bright red sash. I can’t help but think that someone is trying to create a legacy by being the guy who got the sash changed. What’s next, will we refer to Dr. Goodman as “E-goodie”? Maybe, just maybe, black and white sashes would be “respectful” of our legacy.

  8. Wow! I read all the comments and I rest assured the Wimachtendienk has an extraordinary amount of energy to draw upon.

  9. That’s awesome, I had heard about the inverted sashes and support the idea. I’m hoping to go to NOAC for the first time in 2015.

  10. I am looking forward to NOAC 2015 and will treat the ‘special’ sash with the due it deserves. To trade it on ebay only ‘cheapens’ the sash and the WWW. I do ebay and would hope that those attending would have more respect for their sash.

  11. I have seen what the 2015 NOAC sash looks like, it is different and pretty. But what saddens me is so many boys and adults are wanting to go to NOAC and there is no room for everyone. Our lodge here in south Alabama was told they can only send 5 adults and 16 boys. Our lodge has to draw names for who was able to go. Whats more aggravating is alot of these youths and adults do not participate in anything but are having a hissy fit if they dont get to go to NOAC. I hope other lodges dont have to go through what we are having to go through.

  12. I love the OA, but I always felt the higher you go up the ladder (chapter-Lodge-Section-National) the further you go away from the purpose of the organization. We already have 3 Honors. We don’t need another way to divide membership.

  13. So, I registered and paid my deposit. Then I was told that NOAC has been overbooked and they may need some adults to forego attending, but those giving up their spot would still be eligible to receive the centennial sash. Now I have told by my lodge that I have been bumped from my spot and will receive a refund of my deposit. No one will answer whether “bumped” registered Arrow men will still receive the centennial sash. I am sad to be bumped, but very happy that more youth will go as a result. So can anyone answer the question?

  14. I am very upset that the special sash will only be available to the OA members attend NOAC!!

    My so and I are both in the OA and I can’t afford 900-1000 dollars for both of us to Attend, even if it is being held at MSU just down the road from our home.

    How can the OA can ask this amount of money from OA members that can’t afford the event!!

  15. The special sash yes will be available to those who attend NOAC. Adults who had registered through there lodges but lost there spot to a youth will have the chance to get the red sash. Now the way to go to NOAC with the contingent is full is to just registered as a Staff member. An event like NOAC can not happen with out a Staff. I know this having been on staff every NOAC including this years since 2002. I just wish they were doing the sashes by level. As it turns out even if you are vigil you will get an ordeal sash. I say they should sell a pin set that can turn your sash into the level you are since it is cheaper to produce a lot of one type of sash instead of producing each level of sash to provide each person attending with a sash representing there level

  16. I’m an OA member and had registered with my lodge for NOAC, but withdrew to allow other youth to go. Here’s my question: Can an adult who gave up their spot in a lodge contingent wear the NOAC promo patch worn on the class A uniform?

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