Now there’s a new, third way to wear Eagle Scout palms

eaglepatchEagle Scout’s the highest rank in Scouting, but it’s not the end of the road.

An Eagle Scout who earns five merit badges beyond the minimum amount (and meets other requirements) will receive a Bronze Palm. He’ll get a Gold Palm for 10 extra merit badges and a Silver Palm for 15. He can wear multiple palms if he gets to 20, 25, 30, etc.

Until January, there were two places he could wear these palms: on the ribbon of the Eagle medal and on the Eagle square knot, which is only worn by adults.

Now there’s a third.

After the Awards and Insignia Committee’s approval in January 2014, Eagle Scouts may now wear palms directly on the Eagle Scout badge itself.

That means the three approved methods for wearing Eagle palms are:

  1. On the Eagle Scout square knot, which is worn by adult Scouters.
  2. Attached to the ribbon of the Eagle Scout medal, which is worn on special occasions by youth and adults.
  3. On the Eagle Scout rank emblem (patch), which is sewn on the youth field uniform.

As for where to attach the palms on the badge itself, the committee made no specific stipulations, so anywhere is fine.

Perhaps somewhere in the red, white and blue field behind the eagle would allow the palm or palms to be seen better.

Here’s a handy chart to help you remember the number of extra merit badges required for each Eagle palm:


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More about Eagle palms

Learn more about Eagle palms and how to wear them in this excellent summary by Mike Walton, aka Settummanque. Click to enlarge:


Thanks to BSA Member Experience Team Leader Peter Self for the info.

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