BSA’s Scott Teare takes the reins of World Scouting

wosm-logoScouting is global. The movement was created outside of the U.S., and BSA members make up just 10 percent of Scouts worldwide.

So it’s big news when one of the BSA’s own is tapped to lead the World Organization of the Scout Movement and its 30 million members in 161 countries.

A big BSA huzzah to Scott Teare, who left his post as director of the Boy Scouts of America’s International Division to serve as Secretary General of World Scouting. That makes Teare the CEO of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, a job that tasks him with “promoting and safeguarding the interests of the movement.” He’ll do so from the World Scout Bureau’s Central Office in Geneva, Switzerland.

Teare, who has earned World Scouting’s prestigious Bronze Wolf Award, takes office at a crucial time for World Scouting as it undergoes changes in its current management and relocation processes.

The American Teare follows past secretaries Luc Panissod of France, Eduardo Missoni of Italy, Jacques Moreillon of Switzerland, and László Nagy of Hungary.

In an interview published on World Scouting’s official Web site, Teare explains his humble beginnings in Scouting:

“I joined the Cub Scouts at the age of eight,” he writes. “I remember sitting in the back of the school bus with my buddies learning the Cub Scout Promise and Law of the Pack. At that particular moment in time, the center of the entire Scouting universe was right there in my little neighborhood where I sat with my best friends. Who could ever have guessed that joining the Cub Scouts would lead me to a lifetime of friendships that would eventually span the globe?”

And now, decades later, Teare gets the chance of a lifetime as he helps guide World Scouting and “do everything possible to reach more young people with the ‘magic’ that Scouting brings to change lives.”

Help me extend well wishes to Scott from the US of A!

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