Distinguished Eagle Scout goes ‘Undercover’

Here's Jim Rogers without his "Undercover Boss" disguise.
Here’s Jim Rogers without his “Undercover Boss” disguise.

Just how high can Eagle Scouts go?

Consider Jim Rogers, Distinguished Eagle Scout and CEO of Kampgrounds of America, as he gets the Undercover Boss treatment on tonight’s new episode.

Rogers, who earned Eagle in California in 1965, will go undercover as “Tim Bickford” to see firsthand how KOA and its 400 camping locations are performing 13 years after he took over as the boss. And the best part: I’m hearing Rogers’ status as an Eagle Scout plays a role in the episode.

But really, how could Scouting not play a role? I mean, Rogers has three Eagle Scout sons, two Eagle Scout brothers, and has helped the Scouting movement grow in his home state of Montana. You can learn more about his contributions to Scouting on this National Eagle Scout Association page.

I even had the pleasure of hearing Rogers speak at the 2011 National Outdoor Conference at Northern Tier. He’s an excellent speaker with an interesting message for anyone who works in the outdoors.

The Emmy-winning Undercover Boss, already one of my favorites, gets even better now that I know an Eagle Scout will be featured. If you haven’t seen an episode, here’s how it works:

A major company’s CEO puts on an elaborate disguise and visits several locations across the country, saying he’s a contestant on some made-up reality show. The CEO is put to work alongside real employees to get a sense of how things operate when workers think the boss isn’t watching.

Check out Jim Rogers (second from right) as a Cub Scout in a Scouting family.
Check out Jim Rogers (second from right) as a Cub Scout in a Scouting family.

Usually, the CEO’s eyes are opened in ways not possible if they had arrived in a three-piece suit as the “big boss.” Though I must say Rogers doesn’t seem like a three-piece suit kind of guy—and I mean that in a good way.

Along the way, the bosses meet some of the “boots-on-the-ground” workers whose stories are sure to inspire viewers at home.

In tonight’s episode (8 p.m. Eastern, CBS), Rogers will try his hand as store manager, housekeeper, franchise owner, and guest-services employee.

Tune in tonight and see the kind of men Eagle Scouts can become. 

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Undercover Boss airs at 8/7 Central tonight (Friday, Jan. 11) on CBS. Check your local listings. If you miss the episode, CBS posts full episodes online a day or two after the show airs.

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