PhilCast’s second season takes you deeper inside Philmont

Think you know Philmont? Never been?

Either way, you can get a backstage pass to the BSA’s famous hiking and training destination in New Mexico with PhilCast, the weekly behind-the-scenes video series I told you about last summer.

It’s back for a second season, and you can watch all the 2012 videos right here.

Bryan Hayek, Philmont’s marketing manager, told me that this season’s videos employ a fresher, tighter shooting style compared with last year’s episodes. Also new: The 2012 season will have just one host instead of a different one each week.

As I watched the videos, I saw the change was a success. The host, Tooth of Time Traders employe Aaron Loncki (pictured above), is personable and keeps the mood light and fun. The editing is tight, and the high-def visuals are attention-grabbing.

This season, PhilCast has already explored Philmont’s famous logistics operations and provided insight into the Philmont Training Center’s extensive offerings for families. (I can vouch for the quality of those programs.)

Future episodes will cover Ponil’s new shooting program, the ranch’s massive dining hall operation, and programs at Valle Vidal camps, which Hayek calls “an untapped resource.”

With all that great content on deck, we better buckle up for another fun ride.

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