Get to know Philmont through weekly PhilCast videos

Going through Philmont withdrawal? I feel your pain.

Fortunately, there’s a way for both of us to get our Philmont fix each week.

I’m talking about PhilCast, Philmont Scout Ranch’s new weekly videocast. Each episode highlights a different aspect of the massive high-adventure base and training center.

Three episodes have aired already, including one about the Philmont Training Center and another about Philmont’s three excellent museums. So catch up before Monday when Episode 4 airs.

In that edition, the PhilCast team will venture into the backcountry to visit Cimarroncito, one of Philmont’s largest backcountry camps.

Make sure you don’t miss a single episode by subscribing to Philmont’s YouTube channel. New episodes debut every Monday.

Three cheers for the three-person team behind this project: Sean Barber, Emily Fraser, and Marketing Manager Bryan Hayek.

Check out Episode 1 of PhilCast right below. But be warned: Watching these PhilCast videos can be habit forming!

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