Wanted: 36 volunteers to share their merit badge skills at the 2013 National Scout Jamboree

Merit badges don’t teach themselves.

And with the 2013 National Scout Jamboree just 14 months away, the BSA’s looking for a few good men and women to demonstrate their skills.

The focus is on the six newest merit badges making a big splash at the Summit Bechtel Reserve next summer. They’re Inventing, Robotics, Chess, Welding, Search & Rescue, and Game Design.

Janice Downey and the Innovation team are looking for six volunteers to help with each of those merit badges. Thirty-six people in all.

If you have professional or recreational expertise in any of those fields, send Janice an e-mail and let her know. Contact merit.badge@scouting.org, and be sure to include your Scouting experience and area of expertise.

She’s looking for people already committed to attend the jamboree either full or half-time.

If you’re not yet registered, that’s OK. You can apply now. If you’re already registered and haven’t committed to a specific position, let Janice know and she’ll take a look at your staff application.

Are you in? You’ll help share your passion for Inventing, Robotics, Chess, Welding, Search & Rescue, and Game Design while experiencing the first jamboree held at the BSA’s new high-adventure home. What’s the downside of that?

Photo by Flickr user photologue_np.

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