Tune in to ‘The Voice’ tonight and save Pip from elimination

For Pip, the stakes keep getting higher.

The 19-year-old Eagle Scout sings live tonight on NBC’s The Voice with even more on the line.

Pip grew up singing at Eagle Scout courts of honor.

In other words, he needs your help more than ever.

Here’s tonight’s twist: After each of the four singers on Pip’s team performs, coach Adam Levine must instantly eliminate one member of his team. (Cee Lo Green will do the same for his team.)

“There’s more pressure,” Pip told me, “but in a way it’s more exciting. It adds another factor to the show that we haven’t had before.”

Assuming Pip survives that cut, the power again shifts to you, me, and millions more watching at home. With more on the line, Team Bowtie and Team Scouting must do even more to keep Pip in the running.

Here’s how to do your Good Turn for this Eagle Scout singer:

Tonight’s plan

  1. Watch. Tune in to The Voice tonight at 8/7 Central on NBC.
  2. Vote. After the show, vote for Pip. He says: “Just watch the show and, hopefully, like my performance. Then there’s five different ways to vote: Call, text (Sprint phones only), vote on Facebook, vote on the NBC Web site, or download my song on iTunes, which counts as one vote.”
  3. Wait. The results are announced during Tuesday’s live show.

How to vote

To reiterate, there are five different ways to vote, and you can use each method up to 10 times. In other words, if you really feel moved by Pip’s performance, you could give him up to 50 votes.

I’ll update the information below with the exact phone numbers and links tonight after the show.

  • Call. Each performer is assigned a specific, toll-free number. Use that once the window opens after the show. I’ll post the number here after the show.
  • Text. Sprint customers can vote by text message. I’ll post details here after the show.
  • Facebook. Visit The Voice‘s Facebook page after the show.
  • NBC Web site. Visit the show’s official Web site after the show.
  • iTunes download. Downloading Pip’s song will count as one vote.

Here’s an image Pip’s mom sent me. Click for a larger size, and feel free to share it with your friends!

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The Voice photo by Lewis Jacobs/NBC

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