Philmont Training Center releases 2012 conference schedule

Thinking about next summer already?

You’re not alone. With summer camp behind you and the school year about to start, it’s natural for Scouters like you to start dreaming up their next big adventure.

That makes it the perfect time to check out Philmont’s recently released 2012 training center schedule. You can find it here.

As you’ve surely heard, a week at the Philmont Training Center (or PTC) makes for a great vacation. And it’s not just for Scouters. Bring your spouse and your kids — they’ll thank you profusely on the drive home. For more on that subject, read my blog post about why the PTC offers the “ultimate family vacation.”

Your first step is finding a training center course that suits you. Courses last a week and run from June 10 to Aug. 18. There’s also a special Fall Week in mid-September.

At PTC, you’re sure to find several appealing courses. Perhaps you’ll choose a timeless Scouting topic presented in a fresh way, such as “Putting More Outing in Scouting,” “Retaining Youth in Scouting,” or “Orienteering and Scouting.” Or maybe you’ll pick a course subject that didn’t exist 10 years ago, like “Social Media and Scouting.”

Registration opens two weeks from today, on Sept. 1, so you still have time to think it over. But don’t wait too long. Scouters who register before Jan. 1, 2012, receive a $25 discount on their conference fees.

Get goin’! Next summer will be here before you know it!

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