New BSA handbook now available

BSA-Handbook-Cover Here’s a book that should be at the top of your summer
reading list.

No, it’s not the latest legal thriller by John Grisham or
romance novel from Danielle Steel. It’s the new Boy Scout Handbook, and it’s available now. Click here to order or visit your local Scout Shop to pick up a copy.

Crack open the 12th Edition of the official
resource for Boy Scouts and you’ll see familiar Scouting skills presented in an
exciting, engaging way. Robert Birkby, who also wrote the 10th and 11th
editions in 1990 and 1998, penned this year’s centennial edition, which the BSA
touts with the phrase “Everything you need to know out there is in here!”

What’s in there? Colorful spreads, crisp writing, and, in a
sign of the times, dozens of links to Internet resources.

So pick up a copy today. Then, check out Scouting magazine’s six-page feature on
the new handbook in the upcoming September-October issue. We’ll give you an
in-depth look at the handbook’s rich, 99-year history. But in addition to just
looking into the past, we’ll tell you how Birkby and the handbook task force
polled adults and youth to make the 12th Edition embrace Scouting’s
future—the next 100 years of the BSA.

Be prepared: This handbook is so packed with essential
information that you’ll want it not just on your summer reading list, but on
your fall, winter, and spring reading lists, too.

Chime In: Which
edition of the Boy Scout Handbook did
you read as a kid? What are some of your favorite handbook-related memories?
Tell us in the comment box below.


  1. I had the ugly 8th edition, in the green cover. Later replaced it with the 9th edition when it came out.
    The artwork of the 8th was sucky. I did like the uniform shown, pointing out all the neat things you could put on it (something missing from the recent editions). The 9th was great with all the Norman Rockwell artwork in it.
    The little history booklet that came with the new handbook was nice, but was bothered by the several errors in it.

  2. The new bsa handbook is just horrible. So many wasted pages with information that is not needed on almost any occcaision such as the history of the scout book. Many pages have only a few words on it thus wasting valuable paper space and decreasing the “green” ness of this book and making the book much thicker then needed. Table of contents and index are missing value reference to many things such as the basic 10 essentials (which should be more like the 12 or 13 essentials in my opionion). And all those useless pictures that are all cockeyed through out the entire book give me a headache. Let’s keep the book simple, easy to locate info and right to the point with good graphical information when needed and elminate the pic’s of kids jumping into ponds and be more specific on how to properly wear the scout uniform.

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