Feel fresh, sleep well while camping with Appalachian Botanical

The national Jamboree is an event unlike any other, full of exhilarating activities and friendly fellowship. But like many campouts, Scouts couldn’t escape biting bugs, sunburns and getting stinky.

But the Scouts who stopped by the Appalachian Botanical booth could combat all of that.

“I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed being around these young people,” says Appalachian Botanical owner Jocelyn Sheppard. “It was immediately clear that we found a good place to share our products. They came back with their troopmates and parents. The parents would buy our gift sets to take home.”

Appalachian Botanical is a West Virginia-based company specializing in high-quality body care, aromatherapy, culinary and home goods products. For camp, the company’s lavender products – featuring body mists, creams and essential oils – can help you smell better, ward off insects and relax to go to sleep.

Natural body care

Starting in 2019, Appalachian Botanical has been growing lavender and raising bees on reclaimed coal mine land. The bees help pollinate the lavender fields. This sustainable agriculture method is core to the company’s mission.

“It’s as natural as we can make it,” Sheppard says.

Products are made with essential oils and extracts rather than with synthetic dyes or parabens. They’re also free from aluminum and sodium.

Everything is tested for safety and is FDA- and FTC-compliant. Since all the products are made in-house, Appalachian Botanical can respond to customers’ preferences. One of the Scouts’ favorites at the Jamboree was the honeysuckle sandalwood-scented mist. Other scents for mists, oils and creams include jasmine lime, eucalyptus, rosemary peppermint, lavender sage and lavender vanilla.

Great gifts

Appalachian Botanical also has product lineups for cooking and personal grooming.

For culinary purposes, you can get lavender sea salt, a blend of pink Himalayan sea salt and dried lavender flowers – great for sprinkling on fruit, roasted vegetables, shellfish and chocolates.

Perfect for Father’s Day are the beard and scalp care products. These feature custom formulas of essential oils, extracts and vitamins designed to help refresh your beard and protect your skin.

The new Due South line features deodorants, mists, shave gels, and cleansers in three different scents: the bold, spicy AN#6, the clean, crisp Ku-Chiku and the light, musky Mashbill. You can also find anti-chafe sticks.

Don’t know what to get? You can choose a combination of products in gift sets or samplers. Many of the products come in small 2-ounce (or less) sizes, making them very portable and easy to pack. Some are also available in larger amounts, but all at affordable prices.

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