Extreme Makeovers, Round 54: Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos

This is the 54th entry in an occasional series in which we share Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos. See the complete collection here and submit your own here.

To fully understand the impact Eagle Scout projects have on communities, you need to see to believe. That’s why we ask to see Eagle Scout project before-and-after photos — the same photos prospective Eagles are asked to include with their post-project report.

The latest batch of 10 projects — from 9 different states — includes building baseball dugouts, refurbishing a honeybee enclosure and installing a shelter for a ministry that helps mothers with addiction.

If your Scout is looking for ideas for his or her Eagle Scout project, you can show him or her this story or any in the Extreme Makeovers collection. You can also find ideas in Scout Life’s Eagle Project Showcase. Still stumped? Try the National Eagle Scout Association’s project idea generator.

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Josef from Maryland

Who: Josef, Troop 10, LaVale, Maryland

What: An avid baseball player, Josef built four dugouts for safety, protection, and team organization for the coaching staff. He partnered with the LaVale Athletic Association and began door-to-door fundraising, asking local businesses for donations to complete the dugouts. From start to finish, his project took about 11 months to complete.

Carson from Ohio

Who: Carson, Troop 550, Bloomfield, Ohio

What: Carson and his volunteers demolished the front and back stairs and replaced them with railroad ties supported with rebar and stone for the actors and guests at The Living Word Outdoor Drama in Cambridge, Ohio.

Thomas from California

Who: Thomas, Troop 699, Rancho Cucamonga, California

What: Thomas and his helpers replaced and refurbished multiple benches at the Friends of Upland Animal Shelter playground.

Aaron from Arkansas

Who: Aaron, Troop 7, Fort Smith, Arkansas

What: Aaron and his team replaced rotten boards and all the screens on the honeybee enclosure at the Sarah Huckabee Nature Center in Fort Smith.

Jameson from North Carolina

Who: Jameson, Troop 68, Summerfield, North Carolina

What: Jameson and his helpers built a 32-by-22-foot shelter to provide a place to eat and rest for workers at a ministry helping mothers with addiction.

Marshall from Tennessee

Who: Marshall, Troop 48, Medina, Tennessee

What: Marshall and his helpers fully restored and landscaped the sign for his grandparent’s church. The sign was originally erected and dedicated to his grandfather in 2000 after he passed away from cancer.

Elijah from Tennessee

Who: Elijah, Troop 333, Huntsville, Tennessee

What: Elijah’s project restored the abandoned Huntsville Cemetery. Elijah cleaned and repaired gravestones, discovered an additional 12 tombstones underground and filed for three Civil War veterans’ markers. He also updated the Find A Grave website with pictures and the GPS location of each grave.

Tyler from New Hampshire

Who: Tyler, Troop 185, Stratham, New Hampshire

What: Tyler designed and built a 9/11 memorial at the Stratham Fire Station. It includes two engraved granite posts symbolizing the Twin Towers, an original piece of steel beam from the World Trade Center Twin Towers donated by the New York City Fire Department, and a carved stone reading “Never Forget” with details about those killed on 9/11.

Ethan from Georgia

Who: Ethan, Troop 75, Marietta, Georgia

What: Ethan designed and built a live edge standing table from a fallen tree to expand an outdoor classroom at a local preschool. He worked with his family and his troop for seven months to prepare the raw wood, resin the cracks, protect the finished surface, paint the supports and install a table that blends into the natural environment to benefit children aged 18 months to 5 years old, allowing them to learn in nature.

Alexander from Texas

Who: Alexander, Troop 555, Austin, Texas

What: Alexander and his team built a raised garden bed for a local middle school. It included eight raised beds, one compost bin and one wheelchair-accessible garden bed. Alexander hopes that the school’s green agriculture, culinary, and life skills departments will get a lot of use out of his project.

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Are scholarships available for outstanding Eagle projects?

Yes! The Glenn A. and Melinda W. Adams National Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award honors outstanding Eagle projects. An Eagle Scout, their parents or any registered BSA volunteer (with the Eagle Scout’s permission) may submit the Eagle Scout service project for consideration.

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Check out the Scout Life Eagle Project Showcase.

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