Bookmark these four resources to keep up with the Cub Scout program updates

The BSA is at the very start of what will be a monthslong rollout of information about the latest Cub Scout program updates. To make sure you’re getting only the most accurate information, here are four resources for you to keep your eyes on.

The official Cub Scout program updates rollout schedule

We have a lot of information to share with you, which is why we’re spreading it out over several months.

Click here for the official rollout schedule.

The excitement began last month, when we presented a general overview of the program.

Each month from now until June, we’ll be discussing different aspects of the new updates, including rank advancements and Bobcat, new and improved features, Webelos and Arrow of Light updates, and much more.

The official BSA program updates page

This is the BSA’s official website for announcing program updates.

On it, you can read the official announcement on the program updates.

You can also get a list of frequently asked questions.

This page will be updated regularly over the coming months, so be sure and bookmark and check back often.

Keep watching #CubChatLive

#CubChatLive is our weekly Facebook live show in which we discuss all things related to Cub Scouts. A live show allows viewers the opportunity to ask questions to our expert guest of the week.

This Friday, Dec. 1., we’ll be talking about the new Bobcat requirement and how Cub Scout leaders can best make it work for them. You can watch it right here.

#CubChatLive is also a podcast

If you’d prefer to get the latest Cub Scout program updates while you drive to and from work or go on your daily walk, you can subscribe to our podcast through either Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Is there one link I can bookmark to help me keep track of all these resources?

There is!

The National Cub Scouting Subcommittee has created a Linktree page to put all of these great resources together for you.

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